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Thread: Social Anxiety and diapers?

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    Default Social Anxiety and diapers?

    I was thinking of ideas for my story, and it got me thinking about the actual possibility of someone with social anxiety wearing diapers. I keep thinking it'd be rare because social anxiety tends to be a disorder where... basically in this case, you hate being in the spotlight.

    But I was just wondering if in a rare case, could someone with Social Anxiety wear diapers due to a phobia for using public bathrooms? Sorry if I'm really clueless about how all this works though.

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    Well they COULD have a fear of using public bathrooms. Perhaps the character is afraid of using urinals, since he would be exposed?

    Social anxiety comes in MANY forms. You could simply have your character "suffer" from whatever form you find handy for him to experience.

    good luck on the story

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    It's actually a girl. XD I've seen bathroom anxiety before though where someone is afraid of using public bathrooms and people hearing them well... go. There are different forms of it though. I just think social anxiety would play a little part in the reason why she doesn't like to. But then... I also feel like it would conflict her if she goes in public accidentally or something. Like, wetting her pants.

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    Its actually not uncommon but not entirely common either. I've personally met a couple AB/DLs that have really intense Social Anxiety and manage to wear in public but its not without effort. Idk if i misunderstood the question of this post but as for wondering if it is a possibility, yes it is xD

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    I have terrible social anxiety. Wearing diapers in public, discreetly, lets me focus partly on the padding and not freaking out. It works better than propanitol (sic) for me.

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    There was a TV programme on recently that talked about anxiety disorders. This one guy had a fear of wetting himself in public... and one of the symptoms of anxiety is feeling like you have a full bladder. So he'd have to go to the toilet every five minutes for an hour or so before he felt "safe" enough to leave the home. And then his general anxiety levels went through the roof when he actually went out (bowling, I think).

    I couldn't help thinking that diapers would have been a good solution!

    I think the programme might have been either "Inside My Mind" or "Diaries of a Broken Mind" and was on BBC Three in the UK. Maybe there's a copy on YouTube (or somewhere else)...?

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    I acually wear diapers sometimes out of social comfort it's like a security blanket to me and I even forget I am wearing a diaper sometimes
    and when I realize I am wearing a diaper when I am in a stressful situation I feel alot better I bearly use in public just for the feeling

    this may help your story in the realistic sense mabye.

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    If you look at it from a reality standpoint the need to ware diapers (incontinence) is the cause of much social anxiety. That is experience talking.
    Perhaps a case where social anxiety causes wetting and thus the need to be diapered.

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    I have pretty bad anxiety and social anxiety and believe it or not when I am wearing diapers I am much more comfortable talking and being around people. It scares the hell out of me to bend over though out of fear that my shirt will pull up (and it did one time, luckily my friends ex was an AB so she was cool with it and pulled down my shirt before anyone else saw)

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