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Thread: Favorite Weapons

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    Default Favorite Weapons

    Anyone got any favorites?

    Real or Fictional.

    For me its almost any cross between guns and swords.

    Or anything improvised as a weapon... GO CHAINSAWS!!!

    For more basics, I like any swords of any size (not short though.) And as for guns, revolvers and sniper rifles, I'm sort of a "HEADSHOT" kinda guy.

    Also, anything so inventive you'd never see it coming, like poisons or traps.

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    I love swords. I believe they're a honorable weapon, and are meant for the strong of heart.

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    Well personally I know how to use shotguns and all but I'd much rather have a knife or sword in my hand.

    I mean anyone can use a gun it's simple aim and shot and even if you miss you have more bullets in the gun.But weapons like knives and swords actually take skill to use and knives and swords never run out of ammo and can be very versatile weapons.

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    Well... id have to say firearms are my favorite. Im a antique firearm collector and go for the unusual ones. Id have to say my pre ww2 german luger is my favorite. Its so classic, stylish and easy to shoot.

    The pitiful thing is, even though im a gun collector, most of mine are far too old to ever shoot. Most basically just look nice on my rack.

    My husband is a sword guy, he loves them and actually practices with them. Its so cool to see him in the front lawn practicing with his samurai sword.

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    im a big fan of swords as well. here in the uk tho we arnt allowed to have them as its technically illegal to possess stuff lie that if i recall correctly otherwise i would have a lot of them.

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    Mainly firearms such as the FN Five seveN, AR-15/M-16, AA-12, Nagant 1895 revolver, WWII Walther P-38 (which I own!)
    and of course my Ulaks (From Chronicles of Riddick). The Ulaks may be a "fictional" weapon, but the ones I have are exact replicas of the ones from the movie, and are RAZOR SHARP!!!!! Its funny because obviously the props used in the movie were blunt for safety while filming, so that makes mine "more real" than the ones used in the movie

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    A water gun with pretty cold water in it. I have no idea why but it just appeals to me. Maybe because it's less killer than other weapons.

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    I'm a huge fan of the mass extermination gas chamber. Perhaps not what it used to be used for, but it has some great uses that we don't exploit enough.
    Imagine how much money we would save overall if we just executed all people that were guilty of major crimes with DNA evidence. The gas chamber could help with that. Could you imagine how great it would be on TV? I will watch it all day long!

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    Yeah, but unfortunately there's no death penalty in Michigan
    screw the gas chamber, bring back the electric chair! or better yet, build a colisseum and have executions old school style like the romans did back in the day....

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