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    I haven't seen an actual comparison with Huggies Pull-ups vs their Goodnites and Overnites. I imagine they all have roughly the same amount of padding and stretchiness to the sides, but what I'm really wondering is: I'm at a store wanting to get a bag of XL Goodnites but they're sold out. Is there a suitable replacement lurking in one of the similar but differently packaged Huggies products?

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    no huggies product can replace a goodnite because huggies are baby diapers. goodnites are for bedwetting children. an xl goodnite is so much bigger and stretchier than any huggies diaper

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    Can confirm that especially if you need XL size of GoodNites, if you would fit fine in a S-M size of GoodNites, I would say there's a slight chance a Huggies Pull-Ups size 4T-5T might fit you somehow, but it wouldn't offer the same level of protection...

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    The line-up from smallest to largest goes like this I believe: Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time 2T-3T -> 3T-4T -> GoodNites S/M -> GoodNites L/XL. I think S/M is about a 4T-5T Pull-Up that is bigger in terms of range.

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    Pampers Under jams and store Brand sleep pants are closest equivalent to good nights

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    Yeah, if you're wanting a Goodnites replacement, Underjams are your best bet. Pull-ups won't fit well - you may actually be able to get them around your hips, as they're quite stretchy, but they'll be quite uncomfortable, especially for guys. And not much wetting capacity either. It's a shame, as it's hard to beat the princess designs! But definitely go with Underjams, or store-brand sleep pants.

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