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Thread: Depend Protection with tabs vs. Premium plastic-backed

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    Default Depend Protection with tabs vs. Premium plastic-backed

    hey everyone

    I don't have easy access to online shopping so I usually do my diaper runs around the town I live in and the only plastic backed diaper I could find was the Depend protection with tabs (the new maximum protection) and so I was wondering, how do they compare to the really nice plastic backed diapers like molicare, abu, tena, bambino etc.

    is shopping online worth it once I'm able? also i know there's a lot of hate for depends but let's please try to keep this kinda unbiased, thanks!

    I also found Exact Fitted Briefs (ATTENTION CANADIANS - these are the same as the CVS briefs (we have a review on the site somewhere :P) but I still slightly prefer plastic over cloth.


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    From my experience 3 Depends= 1 Abena M4. There simply isn't the same amount of padding in a Depend. Don't be too quick to assume premium diapers are only available online; I get my Abenas locally at a medical supply shop while nary a plastic-backed Depend is to found on a store shelf within the region.

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    I find they will only do a decent job if you use either a baby diaper inside as a liner, or a flat cloth baby diaper laid down the middle to help absorb better. By themselves, it is almost like wearing nothing, and with one good wetting, that is not gonna work out too well! I do buy them (only on sale for $10 or so and use a coupon from the site) for short trips when I don't need to waste a better product and I know I can get away with it for an hour or so, for a main diaper, I don't think anyone who is IC uses them at all.

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    Personally I don't mind depends too much, but recently I ordered some abenas and molicares online for the first time and let me tell you.. they are SOOO worth it! I was content with depends but these are some next level stuff lol

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    It "depends" on how much you wet (see what I did there?) If you're a heavy wetter like me, they're not good. But if you're not a flooder they will do the job.

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    There's a huge difference!

    Try them. I think in the end, you'll realize Depends are more of a diaper-shaped-object than an actual usable diaper. Depends work better for people who sprinkle when they sneeze, or leave skid marks when they see scarey movies or hear Tony Abbott speak. For any real use you need a real diaper, like Tena, Molicare, Abena, Fabine, or Dry 24/7. And then there are the more expensive play-diapers designed like premium Incontinence diapers like Bambino and Aww So Cute.

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    What I i wouldn't give to be in a position where i have access to any of them... I think the depends will have to do for now, but believe me, I'll upgrade as soon as possible. What would you recommend that i start with first? Keep in mind im Canadian and im probably using or

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    Depends suck!!
    they used to be a half way decent diaper back in the 1980's and early 1990's and then went down hill from there
    their paper thin and don't hold much wetness.
    Abena, Molicare and other premium diapers are alot better
    Depends are a waste of money.

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    The depends are crap if you compare them to a bambino diaper. The depends are okay if that's all you have access too. But once you try a bambino you'll hate depends.

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    Depends with plastic leak really easy. They are not that great, granted they are better than the pull up style that is mainly available anywhere. Strangely, certainties at wall greens are way better than the Depends with tabs, way better at avoiding leaks, can re-position the tabs, and have just as much absorbency.

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