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    I just wanna let you know that I just got my first baby bottle with an adult-sized NUK teat from the well-known Baby Pants website and I've already figured out how to use it by following the instructions. Tonight will be my first night drinking warm milk from a bottle. I still have no diapers to wear nor do I have a pacifier, but I don't really wet the bed because of a strong bladder I have. I'd like to know if any of you like to drink warm milk before bedtime to help you sleep or for any other reason, because I've heard that drinking warm milk before bedtime warms up your tummy and helps you sleep better. If not, is there anything other than milk that you like to drink before bedtime or do you not drink at all before you go to bed?

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    I have acid reflex, so I drink a mixture of half cranberry juice and half ginger ale, something the nurses in the hospital got me drinking when I had my bleeding ulcer. Of course, I'm in the minority of members with an ulcer history. Still, juice is a viable alternative for baby bottle drinks. I either drink from a sippy cup or a bottle at night. My wife got me started with the sippy cup. I got tired or knocking my glass over and spilling red, staining cranberry juice onto the bedroom wall. It just goes to show you how practical and safe sippy cups and baby bottles really are!

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    I drink cold milk, every once in a while i like it warm, but usually cold. I sleep best when i go to bed with a bottle, especially if it is the last activity of the night, then sometimes i'll fall asleep before i finish. I just get the largest bottles that they sell for babies in the store, seem to work well enough for me. Playtex vent air are my favorite.

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    I'll drink anything I have, including booze. Nothing like high-proof alcohol to knock you out cold:P

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