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Thread: close this please i made a mistake

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    Default close this please i made a mistake

    sorry my bad i did not mean to post here long story guys. Sorry Moo! if you get my pm don't worry about it every think is back to the way it was. close this thread please!.

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    Hey LL - just a word to the wise: you can communicate with the mods/admins very easily and quickly using the Requests Forum. It gets the staff's attention right quick and is perfect for eg. please delete this thread in its entirety

    OOps! I owe you an apology. I clicked FORUM but when I scrolled down there was no header/link to Requests forum! Off to admin stuff I go! It should be in the category "special forums" I think.

    You can also use the report button to create a thread in requests forum. It is perfectly possible to report a post you yourself wrote. I have reported my own post before. For instance if it had content I wasn't exactly sure kept to THE RULES.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update: I reported the post I just made above to see if by having an active REQUESTS thread the software would reveal the REQUESTS FORUM header. No such luck.we'll have to wait and see now. In the meanwhile I hope that someone gets my
    Message in a bottle
    Further note to the staff: I am no longer a TC or a DC so I can not rightly expect access to those special forums. But ADMIN STUFF & REQUESTS missing seems to me a software glitch. You should be able to contact me directly via my email on file should you so wish, say, as you would reply normally to a thread I would normally have made in Admin Stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    It should be in the category "special forums" I think.
    It's actually the last forum. Underneath Administrative Stuff, in the "Site Related" Category. It is still there for me anyway. Maybe you reached your limit on Requests, Raccoon. They cut you off. :P
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    Well... *blush* Yes, "Site Related" was where the missing forums are, indeed. I was stumped because clicking Site Related which appears to be a working link doesn't work. The far right button with the downward arrow reveals admin stuff and requests forums which appear intact and working properly.

    The fact remains that neither Little Leo nor I realized this. So off to Admin stuff now to hiss 'n whine about the site layout and suggest the site-related forums be restored to their previous place.

    You can't make "too many" requests and be "cut off." But through all this my issue is now resolved.

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