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    I bought a couple cases of ABU SDK's last year. I sprung for the scented option because I just couldnt resist experiencing the full effect, however I was not impressed by it due to simplicity of the process (scent paper) and lack of scent. Don't get me wrong here, these are imho THE diaper of diapers and I have not been without some since I got my first case. The smell however is just not there for me. Would you agree those who have tried/use them too? Also has anyone experimented with the "diaper fresh" scent you can order online?

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    I always order mine with scent and I enjoy it. One time I forgot to click the box to add scent and I honestly can say I did miss it. I think as with any fragrance its all in the nose of the beholder... I get headaches from some fragrances if I'm around them long, others I cant seem to get enough of. One trick I found that works rather well for scenting your own diapers is to place one scented baby wipe inside each diaper fold it back up and put it back in its package... the wipe will infuse the diaper with a wonderful aroma. My favorite is Luvs wipes, and then probably Pampers baby fresh.

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    Please don't create any threads about ABU products.

    ABU as a company has a very poor reputation in our community, to the point where we don't want anything here which promotes their products.

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