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    Greetings everyone

    I'm not big on intros so I'll try to keep it short

    So here is a tiny bit about me.I live in a very rural part of the southern US,I'm a nice guy if given the chance,and I'm a rather bold and upfront about how I feel and what I think.I know that can rub people the wrong way but I see no point in dancing around the truth.All that being said I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder,a unique form of seizure,and chronic mood swings.So my rural living combined with my disorders makes it hard for me to make friends and I doubt I could ever find a friend who understood my feelings about diapers.

    As far as my feelings about diapers I'm a diaper lover and I also have a fetish for diapers.The sad thing is it's really hard for me to actually explore what I like and don't like about diapers because I have no choice but to be cloak and dagger about my diaper love since I was forced to live with my parents due to doctors' orders.

    The reason I decided to join this site is because I stumbled across it and I thought it would be a great place to meet more people who were into diapers like myself and I certainly hope I have fun here learning more and meeting new people.

    (Also my username is an anagram for Young At Heart and Loves Diapers ^^)

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    Greetings YAHLD and welcome to adisc!

    Huh... unusual color for an introduction ;), but nevertheless it's unique that way and I think you made a good job.

    So from what you're saying I guess that you're always straight-forwarded and don't waste time to approach things in a roundabout way? Personally I think that's a good thing to do, even if it seems a bit harsh sometimes, but you're only saying what you think and see.

    Anyway, I hope you're able to find here what you're looking for. My advice is only to take things slowly. Especially with your anxiety disorder and while still living with your parents (though I wonder, if you'd like to, would you mind to tell why your doctor said so?), but also with this unique kink in itself, it's hard to have enough trust in some people to actually talk about it. But some day there might surely be the right time to do it.

    So have fun on adisc and don't be too shy to ask about anything.

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    Thanks and I just like to make things stand out hence the bright red intro color.

    And yes I'm very straight to the point because a lot of the time trying to approach things in a roundabout way can just lead to lying as well as hurting the person more than just coming right out than telling them.But on certain occasions I have to hold my tongue because I know what I say would be more harmful at that time.

    Thanks and I do plan to take this slow and figure my way around this forum so I can meet other people and learn things I'd otherwise remain ignorant of.And you're right with such a unique kink it really is hard to actually trust and come out and tell anyone because out side of the forum I can count the people that know with my fingers and none of them are family.

    No worries there I have no problem asking questions and I actually have one.How exactly do you talk to people on here because I was gonna send a PM but it wouldn't let me

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    Well, you've been through a lot; and face more trials and tribulations down the road. But you came to the right place. There are other abdl sites out there and they do a job... but not the same job Adisc does nor anywhere near as well. Welcome to the most supportive, friendliest, most caring abdl community you are likely to run into anywhere. Sister Sledge sang We Are Family

    By the way I am dl, not ab: we have this in common, you and I. Call me a fur-with-a-fetish.

    How exactly do you talk to people on here
    replying to threads in public forums, for now, until you can PM people.
    Adisc has a culture that allows us to express ourselves pretty freely; don't worry about being too blunt. People will let you know if you offend them; but politely. I'll say bye now with a song
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    Thanks Raccoon I've actually looked at other AB/DL sites but I found them to be rather strange and even found a few that were more or less focused on the sexual aspect of diapers and no so much the "normal" aspect I've seen on this site.So when I came across this site I couldn't help but join since I know no one in my real life and just a handful in my internet life who are AB/DL so I'm really happy to find such a kind site.

    Well that's good to know I'm a bit of a furry myself and obviously a DL so I think we might get along well.

    Thanks for telling me that and I just read at the top what I have to do to PM and I'm glad a place like this lets people speak so freely(within the PG-13 reason) and hopefully people won't mind my bluntness

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