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Thread: Who wears Goodnites Boxers?

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    Default Who wears Goodnites Boxers?

    I feel like I am the only one who wears them & you never see any abdl photos with them. They are super cheap on Ebay and they hold more then the briefs. The only con is they are are tighter fit then the briefs & the boxer part is kinda annoying and in the way sometimes. Funny thing is they claim to be for 60-110 pounds while the briefs are 60-125 when the boxers hold more, I don't understand but the actual padding makes up for it all.

    For those who like the boxers what are your experiences with them? Do you find them discrete in public?

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    I have some boxers. i hate them. i am a cloth person and the plastic sucks. the goodnite is very tight. the boxer part is very tight and will only fit my legs if i pull them up so more of my thigh is exposed. i think they do hold a decent amount and are thick but since they are small and thick, when you wet them it caused a bulge and makes you waddle.

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    They stopped selling them in the UK, I got one pack before they stopped but finished them quickly then couldn't find them again and that's when I read they stopped making them although I still see them on ebay usa. They are tighter as the age group was 8-12 which I thought was stupid for KC to do because bedwetters would wear the boxers then have to switch back to pants.

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    I love them. I used to have several packs in long term storage until they got flooded and thrown away. I have since bought a pack of the old and new boxer material. I don't really wear them anymore now that I have outgrown them though. Back in their heyday I used to wear them for far longer periods of time than the regular briefs and they were just more casual than the briefs which were more of a game for me. I wish they made quality adult versions of them and used the same awesome material and thick absorbent pads as the second generation goodnites boxers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmann300 View Post
    you never see any abdl photos with them.
    that's because you haven't posted any of yourself wearing them.

    and because you've missed my previous posts

    upping the ante for you, there

    and i've since moved on because the boxers aren't really diapers nor are they any good for bedwetting.

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    I've tried wearing those years ago, they weren't that great.

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