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Thread: Has this happened to you?

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    Default Has this happened to you?

    Hesitation?! At some time or another I want to buy diapers or a baby item, but something pulls me back. I don't get it Has this ever happened to you?

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    All the time! When I need to go get some baby wipes or powder I always feel weird doing it. But then I tell my self, well I could just look like i'm a dad or somthing, buying stuff for my baby.

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    It don't bother me at all. When I'm buying baby powder, underpads, rash cream I always mix in other items that I'm getting. All my diapers are bought online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    It don't bother me at all. When I'm buying baby powder, underpads, rash cream I always mix in other items that I'm getting. All my diapers are bought online.
    It's part of getting older, IMHO, Because it would have bothered me 10 years ago, but doesn't today.

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    Yes, mostly when buying diapers. recently I went to buy diapers and I wasn't sure, I was hesitating, but I did it

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    It did when I first started using adult diapers, I would leave town to buy them so I didn't know anyone. Now I buy them local, I need them so there is no worry about being seen, have had people I know in the store at the time, but never at the cashier standing behind me. Funny, I get more nervous buying Huggies or Pampers (use them for stuffers mostly) because anyone that would see me knows I don't have any kids! Sure give-away if that ever happened! I have an out if need ever arises, as my neice has a toddler that is still diapered, hope he stays that way for a long time, just in case I ever get spotted! lol

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    Needing them I don't think it ever bothered me. Even when they were kept behind the pharmacist counter. Running into some I knew never bothered me, if they ask I would tell them.

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    About a month ago I was going to buy some pacifiers, but felt oddly embarrassed and didn't.

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    I've backed out of buying diapers tons of times from being embarrassed.

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    That used to happen to me, and some of the clerks must have thought i was some sort of space cadet! I remember my first time buying adult diapers..I was 16 or 17... I must have spent 45 minutes in that aisle looking at them, another 15 minutes walking around..each time coming back to that one aisle. Finally the store was ready to close and I bought them. Took me quite a number of times doing this before I was able to just walk into a place and buy them. I also dealt with this at an adult book store before I was on the internet. There was a magazine with a lady in a diaper on the cover and I was awe struck, for probably 30 minutes or so. The woman working the register had quite a smile on her face when I finally decided to buy that and a few other magazines. I was convinced she knew of my secret!
    I don't know if I have become used to it out of habit or what, but that hasn't happened to me in a long time. I used to drive 40-50 miles from where I lived to buy that stuff to boot!

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