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Thread: Anyone else in Southern Illinois?

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    Default Anyone else in Southern Illinois?

    Hey, I'm a single guy from a tiny town in southern Illinois. I'm looking to network with like minded people so if your around the area and interested in finding the same, drop me a line! I've been on this site for well over a year and just now started logging on again. I'm a good looking, fun, versitile, witty and open guy. I like being a daddy almost as much as being a baby. I'm AB with some DL too. I hope to hear from you!

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    Hello n welcome back. Isolation bites.But being an active daddy/ab sucketh not at all. Looks like you've plenty you can talk about. I'll keep an eye out for you on diaper talk, adult baby and ,well, really all the forums. All ears here. Besides being a daddy what do you do for fun?

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    Thanks for the kind response, and it does bite! I am a mysician by trade and I enjoy the usual hanging with my friends, going out in nature and traveling. I'm a fun guy, but I'm shy and have been burned by an ex before who said she could keep a secret... Much to my dismay, after the break up I was asked if wear diapers by some mutual friends (to which I denied and laughed it off as a feeble retaliation attempt of a scorned lover). However I did make an ADISC acct. and I am glad I did!

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    Hey glad to see another Illinoisan on here I'm from central illinois. If you ever want to talk hit me up. And welcome back.

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