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    Default appreciation

    I want to let know that it really touches me. Men who tell they like the pink colors. I like men who I experience as soft and open.

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    Pink is just a color :P before the 50's pink was actually considered a masculine color and blue was considered a feminine color.

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    It's not so much the color as it is the shape and feel!

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    i own a few pink clothes and the colour really does suit me. i never really saw pink as a 100% girls colour

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    I've got several items of clothing in all shades of pink. I love all of them. Also have a lot of pastel blues as well as a few navy blue items.

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    When I was in high school, I had both a pink shirt and an nice button down, white and pink striped shirt which I liked a lot. No one ever commented that it was pink. It was a male wearable color.

    Conversely, I now enjoy wearing my pink plastic panties over my cloth diapers...teeheehee.

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    I did the lavender thing in highschool though I did have few nice pink button down shirts as I do now, about 4 pink and 3 lavender and purple ones. Then a pastel orange one.

    I too enjoy my pink and my purple plastic pants. Though most of them have lace as well.

    Is there bonus points for being wearing a calf length pastel blue nighty with lace embellishments and matching buttons right now.

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    I don't consider any colors "soft" or "feminine". A color is just a color. They shouldn't be gender specific.

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    very well put a colour is just a colour no meaning behind them what so ever

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    Aye colors is just colors unless you put the whole rainbow together and try to make a Gay statement - but even at that Pink pre 50's was a sort of masculine color mostly applied to baby boys.
    And Blue was for baby girls. Now babies don't relate color with any aspect of sex nor do rainbows mean anything unless you are watching a cartoon and fantasizing about the Pot-O-Gold at the
    end. The New York men's fashion runways dictate Pink as a men's power statement but babies don't worry about power statements unless they are having a fuss about eating and using diapers.
    Babies don't have to worry about the sheerness of their diaper nor exposing sexual genitalia so pastel pinks sheer whites and lemon see thru yellows are really of no concern and these items don't
    serve a practical purpose because they do not absorb urine and poop. So what is a fashionable AB/DL going to do for excitement ? One makes a "through the looking glass" "over the rainbow" "down
    the rabbit hole" event into a fantasy world for Big Boys and Big Girls to be something that they wish they could be. No harm done and every participant has a great time.
    Now with Halloween just around the corner it is time to plan for that BIG EVENT of your AB/DL life - The Baby Elephant Walk down the Red Carpet of your most personal fantasy !
    The only other time of the year you can get away with such public baby fun and utter mayhem is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). So plan and choose wisely to make the most of your fantasy or if this is
    your daily serious routine enjoyed it even more uninhibited !

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