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Thread: Games You've Recently Completed?

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    Question Games You've Recently Completed?

    Note: Please discuss/post the most recent game you completed, score it out of 10, and share your comments/thoughts about your experience playing it.

    I'll start us off ^_^.

    Jak II HD (PS3) - 8/10.

    I'm glad I don't have to fight Metal Kor again, took me several hours to finally defeat him.

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    Borderlands 2 with all (current) DLC content (PS3)-9/10

    Well saying completed is an interesting thing when you talk about this particular game.Reason being there are three different "levels" to this game because there is Normal,True Vault Hunter,and Ultimate Vault Hunter each is progressively harder plus it's kind hard to completely complete a game where the creators keep adding more and more content to it.But as the game stands now I've completed it until the next DLC content is released

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    Kinda tricky to say completed like most of my games there no end. they are what's known as sandbox or nonlinear games.

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    Gta 5 10/10

    I finished the game, story mode and side missions in 45 hours.

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    Jak 3 HD (PS3) - 8/10.

    I finally beat this game, kept dying several times before I destroyed all 14 nodes on the legs of that Dark Precursor dragon/robot thing.

    (second part of battle was ALOT easier)

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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii. (Not U)

    ...although I don't have 100%, and I probably never will. I just don't think I can be bothered to get all the star coins. That kind of fire has gone out of my inner gamer, I'm afraid.

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    GTA 5 just got dun with it feel't a little sad at the end as i really enjoyed the game and thought the story was amazing. Ho well bring on GTA 6

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    my recently finished are all older games i just switched from 360 to pc but none the less:

    Fallout 3:
    xbox 360 6/10 graphics were grainey and unstable.
    PC: 9/10 Mods, mods, mods. everything from graphics to content the ball never stops rolling.

    Fallout New Vegas:
    Xbox 360 5/10 capped at 720P and no real decent DLC and crashed very often.
    PC: 9/10 once again Mods make a big diffrence but the PC version was alot less buggy never froze or CTD untill i hit the 200 mod limit or the 3 GB Vram Cap.

    Assassins Creed 3:
    Xbox 3606 8/10 very solid game the only down fall was the max limits of the system it self and the god awfull delay between what was happening and what the display was showing.
    PC 10/10 Nvidia GPU handled this game 10x smoother and faster at a much higher resolution and Frame rate delay was almost non existant and it was capable of 3 Displays.

    and lastly (ps im not done with main story yet only 2 missions short) but GTA 5 for Xbox 360 9/10 would have been a perfect score except for the fact of the Grainy graphics that i noticed courtesy of me playing GTA 4 on pc max res and ENB enhanced. man the diffrance some lighting, shadows and pixles can make.

    though i cant wait for the launch of the ps4 and Xbox one because of the fact that rockstar is holding off on the GTA 5 PC release untill the game drops for those consoles. probbly to do with graphics settings of the systems almost matching a mid range PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleleo View Post
    GTA 5 just got dun with it feel't a little sad at the end as i really enjoyed the game and thought the story was amazing. Ho well bring on GTA 6
    which end did you choose? i took option C (deathwish) and loved every miniute of it. option c really nailed the happy ending part

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    I recently cleared the new content released in the Steam-sold game "Terraria". I'd definitely call it a 10/10, as it was challenging, amusing, a good way to waste a few hours, and generally really awesomely put together. If you haven't heard of it, it's a relatively simple concept: Take a 2D side-scroller, make it an action/adventure and sandbox-style building game, and try to defeat every big boss you can find. "Winning" the game isn't really doable, a lot like other resource collection and building games like Minecraft. You just defeat all the bosses and then get to decide what you want to create next. It's really fun, pretty cheap ($2.50 last week on a steam sale but normally only 10 dollars) and I'd strongly recommend anyone who likes creative games check it out.

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