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Thread: Luxury VS Economy

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    Default Luxury VS Economy

    What are you willing to pay for your nappies ?

    im going to start with Luxur.
    So as for luxury i go for the cuddlz AB nappies now you have to remember this is coming form someone that enjoys wearing nappies not because i need them eg IC or any other medical reasons.
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    As i'm AB i am attracted to the cute prints on the cuddlz but is that the only reason i pay (26 including postage and for that you get 20 cuddlz) as i was saying do i pay that mostly for the AB effect well to some degree yes! it is its very important to me to have a nappy that makes me feel little as that's what makes me happy and cuddlz do a great job at giving me that feeling.
    But is there,s more to it then just the cute prints ?
    Yes there is and that brings me to the next part about the luxury side.
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    As shown in the picture the cuddlz have a great shape its a very well fitting nappy and for the smaller person like my self (im a skinny dude give me food) the shape of the nappy is very important as it has to be snug around the thighs and waist to combat leaking and cuddlz once again do the job well.
    The Absorbance of these nappies are very good same as a tena slip maxi if not may be a little more absorbent and to ad they have very tall standing leg guards to keep thing were they are meant to be especially if you are a boy like my self.
    Looking good so far hu ? But the problem is the one tab system the have as a little i love the idea of having a one tab nappy but the problem come at night when the tab can come away from the nappy some think you don't expect when paying this kind of money but in saying that they work well for day time use tho the tabs don't give the same support as the normal double tabs you find on most adult nappies.
    So over all these nappies are great for little time and that's what i save them for when i'm with Daddy so yup there a Luxury i love them but my bank manager dose not.

    Economy now what do i wear for every day use.
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    So coming in at (16 including postage and for that you get 20 lille suprem fit) my bank manager likes these nappies but what do they have to offer other then a good price tag.
    Well or tho they don't come with the cute prints as these nappies are not what its about being that they are medical nappies for eg IC and so on.
    These nappies for the money are great the Absorbance is ok just under the level of what you might find with a tena slip maxi but unlike the tana and the cuddlz these nappies are cloth back now be for you go on about how horrible cloth back is and plastic back nappies are much better i will say i have come to love the feeling of cloth back and this is why.
    Cloth back nappies are much more breathable and much more discrete for the wearer being they do not make so much noise some like noise and others don't eg (if your wearing at home and you live with people) so that's a big plus the real problem with cloth back is they do tend to sag when very wet but again some like a saggy nappy and some don't i kind of like it my self its a bit like wearing a pampers.
    The thickness of these nappies are good as they are the maxi see pic below.
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    As you can see there not to far off being the same thickness as the cuddlz so you get that nice feeling of being padded.
    They have double tabs that work very well keeping the nappy in place( all night long) the shape of the nappy its self is good but not as nice as some of the big name brands but again big names big price.
    The elastic Leg guards work very well at doing there job and one thing i really like about these Economy nappies is the elastic waistband that gives a nice snug fit some think you don't get with the cuddlz or other big name brands.
    So all in all i will pay for Luxury but! it dose go to show you don't have to in order to get that nice feeling we all crave.
    I guess its down to you as a person what your needs are and what your willing to spend ?

    So Luxury or Economy ?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.
    Super Hugs Leo

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    I'm not sure about UK brands. For me, in the U.S., I think Abena M4 gives the best economic value with a very good diaper. I know they are pretty ugly, but I just cover it up with my onesie or overalls or footie jammies. The AB styled ones, from Bambino specifically, are very cute and very good diapers, but too expensive for me, especially at the moment. In my perfect world I'd have the Bambino's around for special occasions of going little or to put on my little one for long AB play times. Then the Abenas would be the more frequently used ones for shorter playtimes or to put on for nighttime right before sleeping.

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    For economy I wear whatever I can get my paws on, just have to know how much you can get away with wetting. Always wear at least one guard or booster plus some plastic pants. For luxury, I do like the print diapers a lot. I've only tried the ABU Cushies, Super Dry Kids, and the Bambino Belissimo. All three I liked but I like the SDK the best out of those three.

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    Luxury for me too! But, for me, luxury is more about the feel, fit and performance of the diaper. I'm not really worried about babyish designs... I'd consider them a minor bonus. Actually, to be honest, my favourite design would probably be just a plain white diaper.

    I absolutely love the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4. They're comfortable and they just work. I'm gutted that you can't get them domestically in the UK any more... :-(

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    Everyone tells me the Abena Abri-Form M4 is like the Cadillac of adult diapers.

    Dammit, I'm just going to have to save and import one time and see for myself.

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    M4's are great i got my little hands on a packet little time ago very thick nappy and you could wear one for the hole day if you wanted to but as for me i don't like staying in a wet nappy for to long.

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    It's like asking which guitar is better to play onstage; an off-the-rack standard Fender or a Chinese made plywood body lookalike? The cheap knockoff is more attainable and just as much fun, and with a few tweaks and upgrades can get awfully close to the major brand.

    In my daily life I play around with my thrift store finds and Goodnites for the sake of being padded, and try to keep a bag of M4s handy for my 'going out' diaper, for my times when I want to maximize usage

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    With student assistance being what it is, I will probably have to stuff my tightey-whiteys with paper towel I haven't tried any luxury brands, but I really like the look of hose ABU Cushies. Any suggestions?

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    Giggles# yup the old paper towel stuffed into underwear trick i have dun that be for when i was a kid and it did work kind of

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