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Thread: best for number 2

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    Default best for number 2

    Hi before I begin this is not a post about what do you think of going number 2 but what is the best diaper/nappy for doing so which one will hold the most and the most room at the rear just wondered on people's opinion

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    I would recommand any diapers with a large padding area and high leak guards. I often use Bambino's diapers or the Molicare Super Plus for that purpose.

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    Well, since nappy selection is quite limited where I am I will also agree with the Molicare Super Plus.

    Important things to remember:
    -High leak guards
    -Odor control
    -Proper fastening
    -Proper fit
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    I've had good experiences with the Abena Abri-Form L4 (adjust to your body size).

    High leak guards and a good fit around your butt cheeks and legs are a must. Don't even think about using a cheap drug store brand. Most of those are designed only for urine and not for messing. A good pair of plastic pants will help with containment, but they can also be difficult to get clean. I have a designated pair of those for when I am going to be messy for longer periods of time.

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    There is no diaper that can control odor from number 2 to my knowledge. The only way to reduce odor is by limiting air movement from the inside of the diaper to the outside. Plastic pants me be usefull for that.

    There are also products, mades with chlorophyll, that can help.

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    Of cause there is no nappy that completely deodorizes the smell, but one with good odor protection helps nonetheless.

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    the scented Cushies do fairly decent....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Important things to remember:
    -High leak guards
    -Odor control
    -Proper fastening
    -Proper fit
    And I think three important things to add to that:

    - barrier cream
    - changing soon
    - bring wipes

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    Dry 24/7 Diapers
    Bambino Diapers
    Abena M4 or L4 Diapers
    Molicare Super Plus Diapers
    Huggies One and Done Wipes
    A+D treat diaper rash cream

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