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Thread: Land's end footed pajamas fit!

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    Cool Land's end footed pajamas fit!

    So a week ago I decided to order this:

    Boys' Fleece Zip-front Sleeper from Lands' End

    In size L (14/16). I had heard that the Land's end pajamas were smaller than the Cherokee or Circo ones. When I opened the package I couldn't believe how long they were They were even longer than last years Target brand! I tried theme on and they fit much better than I ever could have imagined. The feet were however alot smaller than the Target ones but they still fit me.
    In width they are smaller so they fit tighter. All in all fit was ok, in some ways better than the Target ones and in other ways worse.

    Oh, and I am about 5'9 (175cm) and weight is about 165 pounds (75kg). If you are slimmer you could even be a couple of inches taller, maybe?

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    I keep checking their site. I wish they had more prints to choose from. I remember a while ago they had a whole bunch... now not so much.

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    I think that there will be more prints later on. Btw. does anybody know if Land's end sleepers vary in sizes from year to year? I mean the Target XL ones were much larger last year than the year before.

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    My waist is about 90 cm and chest 93 cm. The material used in the sleeper has some stretch to it. As said they fit tighter than the Target ones but they are a little bit longer. The smallest thing on the sleepers are the feet they are only 24 cm long! I have quite small feet so they fit me ok.

    I really like the quality of this sleeper!

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    Ive only got a 8/42 size foot and 81cm waist with 93 chest and 65in tall so they should fit.

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    Yeah they should fit you great! Especially since you are 65in (165 cm) tall!

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    Cool ill have order some then. I also have the 2012 and 2011 target sleepers and will do a comparison for everyone

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    Thanks! Would be nice to hear what you think of them I think the Land's end ones are longer (shoulder to heel) if you compare them to the Target sleepers. My problem with the target sleepers are that they feel a little to short in the legs, otherwise they are fine.

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    Ok I just received mine and they fit taller but have shorter arms and tighter chest.

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