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Thread: Good evening, good afternoon and goodnight,

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    Default Good evening, good afternoon and goodnight,

    Good evening, good afternoon and goodnight,

    This greeting was inspired to me by the movie "The Truman Show". I think it is totally appropriate because internet as no borders, and we can each live at different latitudes. Also, I can see myself in this movie because, I must admit it, I have a tendency to exibitionism and I'm curious about what others are doing…

    I currently work fulltime as a civil servant, I'm a professional, and I build up a good reputation in my area for my expertise. I share my life with a wonderful girlfriend. I consider myself lucky to have so many good people near me: parents, friends, co-workers, etc…

    As for the ABDL thing, everything haven't been as perfect as my normal life; I'm currently recovering from a very bad purge.

    I registered here because this forum announce itself as a place where peoples help each other about our passion for diapers (and if it is more than that, I know). I hope I will be able to bring a little bit of my help to this community.

    Thanks you for the two minutes you have spent reading my presentation.


    P.S. I have english as second language and I'm sorry for the mistakes I have done. I have not written in the Shakespean language for a long time.

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    Welcome pampyjp! I'm Emily!

    Don't worry about your English, it is really good. It's better than what some of my college friends can write!

    I kinda went through the same thing for awhile. When I was a junior in high school I was an outcast and I thought maybe it was because I was so awkward because I didn't feel normal because of the things I liked and wanted to be. I pushed away all the feelings for a long time, but they soon became hard to bare. It seems like the feelings will always push their way back upfront.

    This is definitely a place that can help you, you will read about a lot of different experiences and opinions on things. You should have a lot of fun around here and hopefully will get the help that you seek!

    What are some of your hobbies you have?

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    Hey there and welcome i'm littleleo but you can just call me Leo i hope you enjoy your time here on the forum and find lot if things to chat about and share may be see you around so to speak. If not well then
    Good evening, good afternoon and goodnight,

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    For a second there I actually thought it was Jim Carrey . Wouldn't that be weird.

    So hey, yo, whats happening? I'm Michael but everyone knows me as Fantastic Mr. Fox (although the "fantastic" side is still pending .)

    So whats your story, mate? How'd you get in to this bizarre fetish/lifestyle?

    And whats your hobbies/interests?

    And what's this bad purge you speak of?

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    Thank you for your warm welcome

    I have a lot of hobbies, for sure…

    I have a passion for Hi-fi sound systems. I currently own a home theater system I am really proud and a smaller but good stereo system that I use with speakers or a pair of those great Grado Headphone. For sure, I listen to a lot of music; I'm a "mélomane". You realise you’re a music lover when you own a least 3 versions on the same classical composition ;-). I do not only like classical music. I like rock (especially prog-rock), pop, metal, electronic music too.

    Beside music and movies, I like to go to the gym, building muscles, and doing some cycling form time to time.

    I'm a skeptical but "I want to believe", just bring me the proofs.

    For the "diaper" thing, I believe many of us as lived the same story. I got out of my diaper quite late, at 4, and since that time, I always got this need to wear them again probably because my parents forced me to use the toilets in an urge before beginning infant school.

    As for the last purge phase I had, it was quite brutal. I had to travel and stay for some days in a hotel for affaires and I have brought with me diapers and spent some nice hours in them. But I have "burned" myself for wearing them too much. So when I came back, the pleasure of wearing them wasn't there anymore. I was feeling like crap and threw my stash to the garbage even if I knew I will be back at them. Months have past, and I'm currently here today,

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    Hi-Fi sound systems?

    I used to design the cross-overs for a very well known UK Hi-Fi speaker company, but that was in another life

    (why do enthusiasts spend thousands on expensive cables and contacts when the rigging inside the speakers is just standard gauge (even in the $7000 flagship speakers!!), I sometimes DID wonder that - not now though, lols!!)

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    For some people Hi-Fi means a system that worth 25k or more. This isn't my definition. It can worth only 1k, the only thing that matters is does this system make me happy. I consider that over 5k it's a waste of money.


    Thank you.

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