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    Default The Being A Child/Wanting A Child Subject

    Everyone is going to have a different answer for this, which is going to make this an interesting read.

    As an Adult Baby, I've never wanted a child because I want to be the child in most scenarios. As an adult I do not want a child because I do not like children (though I have my preferences) and I do not want to have to take care of something for the rest of my life.

    With that said, I cannot put into perspective how and why people interested in ABDL, can have children. Why would they want children, when that would lessen there free-time as an AB/DL? How do you accomplish being a parent AND being an AB/DL?

    I'm only genuinely curious.

    On a similar note. Those that do not have children, would you like to have children?

    Thanks. <3

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    I would say that those that want a child want one for the same reason non ABDL's want children.... so they can live vicariously through them.

    A child is an extension of yourself. So what a better way to live the life as a baby, then to have a baby and live that life through them. I have always joked with people that know me, but don't know about me being an ABDL, that I want to have a baby just so I can buy all those cool baby toys.

    There is no 'actual' way for me to relive my childhood. I am not about to become a 24/7 ABDL (like some of the ones you have seen on TV). It just is not a practical option for me. Having a son (hopefully, but a daughter would be ok, too) of my own is the closest I can actually get to experiencing babyhood/childhood again.

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    A lot of non-ABDL people don't want children because it lessens their time doing non-ABDL related stuff. They'd rather spend their free time doing their own choices of activities, have more money, and have the general freedom from the lifelong responsibility of parenting. So in a way, that part of the question could apply to anyone who doesn't want children. Instead of saying it lessens ABDL stuff, it lessens just about anything unrelated to raising a child.

    But ABs, in particular - are they more likely to not want children? I've been reading about AB's jealousy over their own children in another thread, and heard Dr. Phil speak of it on that show with Baby Brett. So possible jealousy issues over seeing their spouse nurture the actual baby could definitely arise.

    One thing that may offend a lot of people, so, please bear with me, is that many ABs can tend to be somewhat selfish. Mainly, the lifestylers and the 24/7s seem this way to me. Those kinds of ABs dream of a life where they are free of responsibilities, free of working a job, free of bills, free of making tough decisions, free of basically anything that, well, kind of sucks. It seems like many of these lifestyler ABs just want a take-take-take relationship without any giving what-so-ever. Even if it's just with a specific age-play partner, they will not offer to return the caregiving. Again, this applies mostly to the 24/7 variety, who want to get all the attention, get presents and toys, get care and nurture, get bottles and diaper changes and bedtime stories, get-get-get without giving much of anything to their imagined perfect-partner. To me, that's unbelievably selfish. It speaks to a very stunted emotional maturity level. I apologize if I have offended people, and I'm sure I have, but if you are an offended lifestyler, please tell me where I am wrong. Is it not a selfish dream?

    I think the 24/7 relationship fantasy is based on the actual parent-child role, where parents do really give all they can and have to realistically expect nothing in return, aside from love and affection and the joys of raising their children and getting to know them. And 24/7 ABs do offer affection to their caregivers, of course, but what else do they offer? I'm not even sure if they offer 'love' to their caregiving partners - because (adult) love to me isn't so selfish. Love means doing stuff that totally sucks sometimes because you love someone. Because you want them to be happy, too.

    Even most non-24/7 ABs want a mommy or a daddy but they have no desire to return the favor of caregiving, even if their mommy/daddy is also an AB. (Honestly, most genuine AB caregivers will be AB themselves, as they don't really have the true interest in it without understanding the AB mindset first-hand.) Around this site, the amount of people with the caregiving tag is really, super, unbelievably low! It's no better on other sites, either.

    I didn't always used to be a caregiver. It just happened as I matured emotionally and began to have a strong desire to give back. When I first started exploring this side of myself as an adult, I had nothing but fantasies of being the little, being cared for, by some rather fantastical creature who had no needs of their own. And that's what parents in real life are, right? Fantastical creatures who appear to have no needs of their own - in their children's eyes. It's quite the opposite of the spectrum.

    There's lots of people around here who appear to have children, though. Most (or all?) of those people would fall into the very well-balanced category - people who know when to be an adult and know when they're free to be little. That level of moderation would have to be in place for any AB to be a good parent.

    I'd love to have at least one child one day. My ex-husband (self-described fully selfish, though not an AB/DL) wasn't interested in having children, thus why I'm childless at 33. I suppose there's still hope for me one day! But when I was in the mode of always wanting to be the little, having daydreams of the 24/7 lifestyle, and just, well, not very emotionally mature, I didn't really want children at all. Now that I'm much more in moderation and more mature, I feel like I'd be able to raise a child. My ABDL time would be lessened a lot, yup, and so would my video-game time and my staring-at-the-wall and daydreaming time, and my reading time, and my time in general. But it would be so beautiful and rewarding to experience raising a little human up and seeing them learn new things and come up with their own ideas and watch their personality develop and help them to find their place in this crazy world. This big picture of mothering is what gets me, rather than the details, which I know will at times make me want to tear my own hair from my scalp. I'm willing to make sacrifices, for those I love, and I know I'd love my child.

    TL;DR: Being a child (or in the role of a child) is mostly selfish. Being a parent is mostly selfless. So it only works if you can play out the AB fantasy in great moderation.
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    I think this are 2 pairs of shoes. It doesn't matter if you're an AB, AC, little girl/boy or if you're not and want to have children perhaps at some point or don't want to have one at all.

    On a side note, I imagine that it can surely influence this decision on a second thought. If you only want to be cared for all the time, despite if you may or may not be in a regressed state, which is surely not possible anyway I guess, you'll surely think twice about bringing something into this world that needs a lot of attention and all help it can get for years, besides raising it in an appropriate way.

    Anyway, personally all I can say is that the desire for wanting or rather trying to be a little girl, so more or less an AB, developed years ago before I thought about having a child at all. At first I anyway thought that I may think about it at my 30's, although funnily since 1 year I also started to hear my inner clock. However this word may be wrong in itself. Actually it's hard to explain, it's simply a feeling, or instinct, so that you know you're both mentally and physically ready to have a child. Not only bringing life into this world, but also being ready for raising it and giving your best that your child can follow his/her own dreams, with a little guidance.

    But as we know this instinct may also be wrong at times. Or our time may be wrong for our instinct, take it how you want, but we simply have way too much single parents, besides those that bring beings into this world without thinking about it, nor being ready to take this responsibility, or they take it too lightly.
    For myself, I think you have to be extremely rational in this case. So besides knowing that your partner is the right choice, knowing that he's ready to raise a child too, to be a parent. Secondly of course being financially somewhat stable and surely being in the condition over time to manage every little thing you have, not may have, to do.

    Sigh... though it becomes funny when you think about everything and and know that your other half would be great parent, surely. But somehow still have an odd feeling, you cannot explain... that's personal I suppose.

    Shortly summarized it's about giving, making your best effort that another life can accomplish something and probably more than you. Surely very often it's also about your destiny, bringing the next generation, with more or less pressure from your own parents or grandparents and furthermore for the sake of having something to care about. But in all honesty, I think this is selfish and the right choice. Doing it for the sake of it or similar reasons may be okay, but moral wise horribly wrong.

    Being an AB on the contrary is selfish in itself. You want to be cared for, you want to be "played" with in a sense and you want all the attention you can get. Overall most don't want to be truly raised like a child. Surely to be disciplined sometimes, or all the way to be "educated" in a way of childs play. I like to look at this like a lot of children like to play a family and/or parents. Besides that one is playing the role of the child, the other two are playing the adults. Playing is the keyword, although it's something that helps understanding and to explore how it is to be an adult, in their own way. Just like AB's, AC's and LG-LB's regress.

    You simply can't raise a child while being one yourself at times at the same time. You're going to draw a line between those two automatically, I imagine, if you know what you're doing. However, it can surely be something exciting and make you quite happy sometimes to kind of relive your childhood with your own child, with one cautious and watching eye of course every time. ;)

    My thoughts on this... and for the question of the topic, I don't have a child and I'll wait before I think about this seriously.

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    I'm pretty sure that I don't have a good enough chance to raise a well adjusted child to even try. Seems kind of unfair to bring a child into the world, if you don't even think you can be a decent parent.

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    i am 34 years old, married, a dl (never felt like an ab), and am a dad to three girls, ages 7, 5, and one-week (yay! up early feeding her right now) the thought of living vicariously through them has never occurred to me in the least. i just always knew that i wanted to start a family, had eventually built myself the opportunity, and realized that my dad was about my age when he started one so i hoped i didn't mess it up too badly. so far so good!

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    It's because be AB and have kids are two very different things. I've two.

    But it's true, people who want not to do some family exist for a lot of reasons. And there's another group of people, who'd better not to have them, but they have (like junkies etc.) Last (and it's very cruel,) someone wants and can't (for biologic or another reason.)

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