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Thread: Am i an AB????

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    Default Am i an AB????

    So I really enjoy my bottle, and I am sure I will love a paci, and I like littles board games and cartoons. However, I'm not really into the clothes, or cribs, or having a mommy or daddy, I don't mind my wife taking care of me. Does that make me an AB or something else, and if something else, what????

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    I think you want to be an AB, you are probably more a DL, but give it time, there is nothing wrong in being an AB, life is too short to restrict ones self.

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    As has been discussed several times on this site there is a broad spectrum in each of the categories here. I would say you have ab tendencies and as such, would call you an ab. Maybe a 6 on a scale of 1 - 10 where a 10 would be into the clothes, cribs, etc. Hmmm That sounds like a poll subject.

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    There is not a specific list of requirements to be identified as AB or DL or ABDL.

    An AB can include any of the following identifiers (but does not have to have any):
    Likes baby paraphernalia (ie. Bottles, paci's, stuffed animals, rubber teething toys, babyfood, etc.)
    Likes being babied by a loving caregiver (or in some cases dominating caregiver/master/etc.)
    Likes being treated like a baby (ie. Rules, bedtimes, no independence, etc)
    Can also enjoy being treated as an older baby, toddler, even elementary aged kid
    Can enjoy baby furniture (playpens, cribs, high-chairs, etc)
    Enjoys diapers purely for the fact that it makes them babyish
    Enjoys baby clothing (onsies, footed PJs, childish clothing)
    Likes the idea of mentally regressing to a much lower age (baby-kid)

    A DL can have any of the following identifiers (but does not have to have any):
    Enjoys wearing diapers for whatever the reason
    Enjoys 'using' diapers
    Enjoys the feel, scent, sight, sound of diapers
    Enjoys being made to wear diapers, whether they are being babied or not.

    But even if you don't like any of the above, you can still identify yourself as an AB or a DL or whatever you want to identify yourself as. Whatever label makes you happy and feels right to you is what you are.

    I consider myself more of a DL, but there are times when I like to regress to a younger age. The interesting thing for me, is that when I feel like regressing, I usually don't have any interest in being diapered, because I see myself as more of a 6-8 year old. So... I call myself AB sometimes.

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    For me, an AB is anyone that enjoys regressing. You do not need a caretaker to regress or a crib or anything substantial. Just your imagination and an eye for wonder. So you may very well be an AB, but your the only one that can determine that.

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    It really is in your head. It's not about the physical trappings, those are just outward manifestations of your inner little self.

    Don't get hung up on the label, just be who you are.

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    thank you all for your responses. now i am comfortable in saying i am an AB/DL. as always i know if i have any questions yal are always ready and willing to answer again many thanks.

    your friend

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    i agree with zipperless though id say your ab rating is more of a two or three. I agree with lilmonkeyalex too, he has a very good way of putting it, you are whatever you want to say you are, I like the lists he provided too i think they are pretty good at helping you to determine yourself too, i myself feel 100% DL and the list completely supports that. I don't fit anywhere on the AB list and i fit everywhere on the DL list except ive never been made to wear diapers but im sure i would say if i was hospitalized or IC.

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    I would say you're a hybrid AB/DL like myself...nothing wrong with that!

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    babymike1985 I have the same feelings as you. I have always identified myself as a DL for as long as I can remember. But lately have been wanting to get into the more babyish side of things: bottles, paci's, possible baby clothes, hell I don't think I have worn a diaper yet that hasn't had a babyish print on it. Nothing wrong with it. i say go for how you are feeling.

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