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Thread: hi i am new(ish ) to this site

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    Default hi i am new(ish ) to this site

    hello i am really bad at spelling so please don't be mean about it. that being said i really like to say things. i stumbled into diapers and age play in high school, but i did not start exepting them as part of me until earlier this year. i'm a bit shy. but if you get me stared on robots and electronic i can go on for a long time even if i don"t know you.

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    Needn't worry about doing the Aspie monologue here! My interests are a bit more tangible as in physical parts of machinery, mostly vintage 2-cycle engines - I have an appreciation for old inductive style magneto ignitons, though. My only issue with electrons is that I just can't see them!

    Anyway welcome to a safe and fun place. I sort of stumbled into this particular part of my life myself recently. The people here are great for the most part, glad to have you aboard as well

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    Default hi i am new(ish ) to this site

    Hey welcome to the gang ! Yes we are a friendly bunch of folks, and this is a great place to talk about problems, successes, hints, tips and grievances to do with diapers and associated activities,

    And again , Welcome to ADISC!

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