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    OK, so, yesterday was my first littles munch and the short version- it was an incredible experience and I hope it's the first of many. If you want to read the details, continue on.

    I hardly slept. It was like Christmas, this anticipation. Two nights ago we met a guy for dinner who was going to carpool to the munch with us since it was 2 hours away. I was worried for my husband, hoping that he and this fellow would hit it off. Turns out that went better than I ever expected and they became fast friends instantly.

    For those who missed my other thread, my husband is very supportive of me being ABDL and expressing my little side, but he is a DL who has almost no interest in ageplay beyond thinking it's cute. He's also very shy around others and doesn't really like to share much of himself until he becomes super close with others. This is a world new to him so I wanted to make him feel as secure as possible. Anyway... no sleep. Well maybe a few hours. But I was out of bed before the alarm, and we hit the road early.

    After picking up our new friend we drove an hour and a half through the mountains of Northeast PA. The first day of Autumn and it was truly gorgeous. It's been cool so some of the leaves were beginning to turn already. We arrived at the restaurant... this was it. We walked in. Our friend knew some of the attendees already. I knew only one other from online conversation. My concern that I was overdressed evaporated as I was not the only one in overalls or kiddish clothing. Our car pool buddy introduced me and Chris all around and we enjoyed a nice lunch.

    Following that we drove a few miles to the Bloomsburg Fair. We met up at the gate and paid our admission and went in. There was a line where a grocery store was giving away prizes based on a random drawing, so we decided to wait. Imagine, then, my surprise when a male voice belonging to someone NOT in the group called my name!

    Continued next post....

    - - - Updated - - -

    I turned and looked towards the direction of the voice. It was a friend of mine that I used to work with a long time ago. He was also an old friend with benefits before he got married and had a family too. He look different, older. I almost didn't recognize him. I didn't tell him about the nature of our group, but I said I was here with friends that I've never been up to the fair before. After we went through the line, I said my goodbyes to him aand his family, and went on with the group.

    This fair was far more massive than I had imagined, and, like Han Solo, I can imagine quite a lot. There were animal exhibits, all sorts of carnival snacks and foods, helicopter rides, vendors selling all kinds of stuff, a dog show, pony rides, a large surly buck who didn't want to look at the people taking pictures of him, and I got to feed butterflies... any last vestige of resistance to being little crumbled away in that moment.

    My husband was having a great time as we wandered the fair. He wanted to keep every dog in the show. He ate a pixie stix and it was like he, too, was instantly a kid again. He saw retro candy and toys he hadn't played with since he was 7. I smiled so much knowing that HIS little side was peeking around the corner.

    We walked for hours, but the sky turned mean. Rain began to fall and soon it turned heavy. The rain made us all feel the weariness of our steps. We would have kept going but we didn't think to bring rain gear. The three of us decided to head out around 7. The rain showed no sign of stopping, and in fact lasted well into the night.

    We enjoyed a nightcap at our new friend's apartment after dropping him off, then went home. It was a day I did not want to end and I have had only a handful of those since I was a kid...

    Wrap up next post...

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    Sounds like some pony, excuse me I mean somebody had a blast! glad to hear there are Munches here in the US or atleast something simular to what you enjoyed ? I plan on going to one next year if possible

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    I can't even begin to express how life changing these last few months have been for me. Having the love and support of my husband, plus being able to meet other littles has really made all the difference in my life. Having him embrace and to some extent enable my littleness, I realize by reading many of the posts on this forum what a rare thing that is. I will never take that for granted. I really do owe thanks to this page, and to FetLife, because I was never able to put it all together with any of the other sites that I've been on. Thank you all, even those of you who challenged me and pushed my buttons. If I hadn't shown up here, I never would have known what a munch was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChubbyMower View Post
    Sounds like some pony, excuse me I mean somebody had a blast! glad to hear there are Munches here in the US or atleast something simular to what you enjoyed ? I plan on going to one next year if possible
    Haha, I see what you did there.

    Yes, there are munches all over the US. You can join groups on FetLife and they have them posted for pretty much every region in the country. Also, I think there's a site if I'm not mistaken, called which will have some stuff listed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And for the more, umm, practical parts of the story...

    Our new friend let me try a Dry 24/7. Used a booster from XP medical. That was probably the most durable diaper I've ever worn. With plastic pants over it, not even a drop leaked. High and dry all day and night long.

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    That is so awesome that you had the opportunity to meet someone else who shares your interests like that. It would be cool to meet other dl's. It seems like they are so hard to find locally.

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