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    So this weekend was My final trip to NY to get my stuff from My apartment I had with Abenaleaf. And who better to go with me that my bestest friend and sister. All four of my sisters know to some degree about the AB thing but some more than others. Well my youngest sister and I have never really talked about it at all but this weekend she had a few questions and stuff. So through out the 14 hour trip she would ask things. We had an awesome talk and I got to explain to her what AB is for me. She was so awesome and accepting and told me that she thinks that it is wonderful that I have found a fun way to have diapers in my life even though I need them. She was telling me that if it was her in my place she knows that it would feel like such a burden to be incontinent unless she found a way to enjoy them and involve them in her life and sex life as well. So she was so open to talking about it and stuff and it was so refreshing to be able to tell her things that I have not been able to tell her. I have her full support in this lifestyle and she is actually so willing to discuss it any time. I love my sister and just am soooo happy we had this wonderful time. I got to share so much with her and just everything I said she was so positive and encouraging to me. I never thought I would be able to share it in that much depth with her and it actually just brought us closer together. This could not have gone any better on my end.

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    That is wonderful, it is always awesome to have support of someone real close to you

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    WOW! i'm so happy to that your happy~ you seem to have a great family life! YOU ARE VERY BLESSED
    it's really great that your sister can be so understanding. one time my little sister went through my art folders because she likes my art but she got into my "secret folders" the one with diaper and ab-themed art. i knew someone had been through when i saw it but thought they wouldnt say anything BUT she asked me about it later and i thought my face was going to turn permanently red!
    she was pretty curious but actually quite understanding and appreciative of my art; so yay~ Sisters ROCK!

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    Aww that's so nice good for you little one Super hugs Leo

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCuteBomb View Post
    WOW! i'm so happy to that your happy~ you seem to have a great family life! YOU ARE VERY BLESSED Sisters ROCK!
    My Sisters do Rock. Two out of the four sisters have ever wanted to know anything about it. They are the two most open-minded people in my family. They are both super suportive and encourage me to do this. It helps so much knowing they have my back.

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