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Thread: Pacifier is AWOL, now I'm SURE rumours will spread....

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    Default Pacifier is AWOL, now I'm SURE rumours will spread....

    I slept with my precious NUK4 the night before last. Woke up yesterday and it was not in the bed. Sometimes it falls, so this was my first assumption. Looked everywhere in the immediate area, even got S.O. (who knows about my ABDL thing and doesn't agree with it, but as I have access to only a paci at this time, he can let that go) to help look, but it was nowhere to be found. My worst fear set in - had the nurse confiscated it? Couldn't sleep last night, approached her and asked, she fiercely denied, saying she was unaware that I had one until now. Tore bed and sheets apart, still can't find it. What's worse, there was a resident in the nurses' station at the time. He's somebody I don't like and my home is Rumour City (trust me). Now I'm scared to death. HELP!!!!

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    So I take it you're in a hospital? Sometimes the cleaning crew will sweep at night. Did you look under tables and chairs? I would try not to worry about what has not happened yet. Keep us posted.

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    you should get a paci leash/clip thingy, whatever they are called. That way next time, if you drop it out of your mouth, it is still clipped onto your shirt.
    Good luck in finding it, i lost mine once, and looked everywhere for a few days, later i found it in my pocket of a pair of shorts.

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    I am not in the hospital, I live in a home for adults with special needs - hence the words "home" and "resident" in the original post. We have 24hr nursing in this place. The nurse that is on shift now is aware of, and okay with, my pacifier use. The one who was on midnights the past two nights had not been told. Our current nurse is one of VERY few staff who I can trust with my secret. Another staff member found it once and interrogated S.O., but I cleared my name with her pretty quickly since she's like a mother - I just told her it keeps me mellow, and she jokingly asked where she could get one - good sign:P And BTW I told the safe nurse that the other one had denied taking it - she doesn't believe her.

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    My goose...WAS cooked earlier today. Nurse that I had accused of taking the paci reported to management of its use, and the management staff member outright said I should not have one. I approached the staff ember before she left the facility today and it seems I have managed to talk her into adopting the typical "I don't approve of this but if you are going to use it, keep it private when you do and put it out of sight when you don't" stance, She said she will have the cleaners look for it tomorrow. I think things are looking up now, guys!

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    i really hope you find it. i ost mine a few days ago and found i couldnt sleep very well for the night i didnt have it and as soon as i went to bed wehn i got it back and i slept like a baby ( no pun intended )

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    Yeah i know what you mean, I have had insane trouble sleeping since mine was lost, i missed my usual outing today as there was no time to cancel because by the time I woke up my worker was coming in a few minutes. Although she knows about my paci use I did not specify that as the reason for not sleeping - will tell her next time I see her lol

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    First I don't see where a paci would be any kind of a problem. I you have a night stand by your bed check there. Even your pillow case. Mine has slid into my pillow case before.

    I think a lot of people there need to learn a lot knowledge of the use of a paci. Just how therapeutic they really are.

    I do hope you find it or they replace it for you. If that one nurse did take it she would have had to written it down in a log.

    I'm a lot older than you and I still use one every night.

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    i think a good large percentage of us here on ADISC have them.

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    I wonder why they would say that you cant use one? What is the harm in it? So strange, from what i have seen in group homes, they seem to invoke strange rules.

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