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    What is an MP3 you would recomend or one you have that Isn't that great as a warning. I Know Ipods shall be high on everyone's list but what are sme that are good but cheap? also does anyone use Zune?

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    I love my Ipod though its been acting up on me due to being dropped so much. <_>

    Anyways everyone has different needs. Someone might want the best sounding MP3 player and people like me want a MP3 player that can store a lot of data.

    I got about 120 gigs worth of music and video, so I would personally want the 160 gig Ipod classic.

    Abigail wants a Ipod nano for christmas but I assume that's since she doesn't listen to a lot of music or watches videos a lot.

    That said I say go for a Ipod they been pretty reliable to me. Though what kind depends on you.

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    I have a 2gig mp3 player now, it's a Coby, and I hate it. It's gotten to the point too, where I can't fit any more music on it. So I'm going with the 4th gen 8g iPod nano for Christmas. Why? Because it's cute, fun, small, and 8gig is plenty room for me.

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    I have a 8gig iPod Touch...(Not an iTouch!!)...And although I love it, it doesn't hold all my music D:

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    I use a Zune, the 80gb version. It's pretty good actually. Used to be that the software sucked balls, but Microsoft has improved on it significantly since the first release. It's bearable now, especially if your music is sorted and tagged correctly. They've also improved on the Zune firmware and offered it for free to all Zune users, which is really nice. So if you have one of the old brick-sized Zunes, you can still have all the same features as the new Zunes without having to pay.

    If you're looking for a cheap mp3 player that works well, check out the Sansa series by SanDisk. They manufacture their own flash memory so they can sell their mp3 players for cheaper, though they're pretty well made and come with lots of features. They even let you add memory cards so you can have more memory if you need it.

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    I got an iPod Classic 80GB, And to Fire2box Apple Discontinued their 80GB and 160GB models to make a single 120GB model iPod classic.

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    I use a 1GB SanDisk Sansa. I actually got it for free with some nice headphones that I bought, but it's a great little player. Why?

    • It's cheap
    • I really don't use an mp3 player all that often
    • I keep my media collection on my computer / on an external hard disk.
    • Small, solid-state, has a built-in clip.
    • Has good quality for being a cheap player.
    • Charges on USB and gets like 14 hours on a full charge.

    So yeah. On the other hand, if I were going to get a decked out mp3 player, it would probably be a Cowon USA iAudio 7.

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    I got a cheap lil Centrios mp3 player...bought from "The Source" (or was it still Radio Shack then?). Anyway...I forget how much music it will hold, but enough for me, has a small (about 2cm (1")) screen for videos (full colour).

    For me, the best things about it are:
    1. I can wear it around my neck like a necklace (never gets dropped that way!),
    2. it's small (about the size of an AA battery),
    3. it's PINK!,
    4. it charges with an adapter (included) or USB
    5. it holds all (or at least most) of my music library
    6. music can be sorted into folders (just like on my external harddrive...where I keep ALL of my music)

    There are probably other things, but that's most of them. Oh and it only cost me $50 when I bought it (I dun remember how long ago).

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    I don't like Crative, they screwed me over and now I have a 200USD paperweight.

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    I like my iriver (as much as they sound like an iPod rip off, the company predate iPods so ha). Very reliable plus FM radio. 6GB which was cutting edge when I bought it (as was the colour screen). MP3 players have moved on a lot in the last 4 years.

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