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Thread: Overseas Flight - best disposable with PUL underpants?

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    Default Overseas Flight - best disposable with PUL underpants?

    So I wear my protection at night and about 6 months ago starting wearing on flights over 4 hours. Taking the edge off at about 3 hours into a flight has worked out great! I can get my rental car and go to the hotel and change there with no problems.

    I am now planning a flight overseas for work and at 9 hours in the air I need better planning. My cotton training pants are fine for small amounts but I need probably 1 - 3 disposables to use and change for a one way flight? So I know my friend's (the experts) at ADISC that use disposables can help me:

    1. Is Molicare the best absorbant disposable to wear with my PULs?
    2. When i go to change in the jet bathroom what do you do with the wet disposable? Plastic ziplock bag and take it with you? Into the jet bathroom garbage in a ziplock bag?
    3. I believe a significant number of people probably change their disposables in the jet bathroom on overseas flights yet I have never noticed any evidence.

    Thanks for your ideas / recommendations.

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    I'd do option 2, just to make sure you don't make someone have to smell any odor

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    Select a high-sap diaper, it will do a better job of locking away the urine and lowering the odor. Ball it up and toss it in the bin in the toilet, do NOT take it back to your seat with you.

    The more you move around in a wet diaper, the more the odor will start to move around. If you're essentially still while wet, there won't be much of any odor.

    Reduce fluid intake. If you're IC, I would expect you already have that one figured out. Unless you have other medical issues, you shouldn't require more than 2 changes on a 9 hr flight, unless you wet frequently and insist on changing after every wetting? A decent capacity diaper like an M4/L4 will take you a considerable distance. You can do tests at home long before the real thing, see what your limits and requirements are ahead of time.

    One thing I can't help but wonder about... what's the best way to take your change to the bathroom? Women taking their purse to the bathroom is expected... maybe a fanny pack would be a good investment for a guy?

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    Hello all.

    Bambinod brings up one of the biggest challenges.. getting the new diaper and wipes to the restroom.. There are always lots of nosy folk sat around, especially back in economy/coach, so you do need to be rather stealth. When I last did it, I had a sweater in my carry on bag, pre-folded up, around a diaper and travel pack of wet wipes. So as I lifted it out my bag, it just looked like I was just getting more clothes on. I only did a single change though, so only had to deal with this once. I swear the tapes made more noise than ever when un-sticking them in that tiny facility. There was obviously also a small queue building up just outside, surely hearing all the telltale sounds. Ah well.

    Taping the used diaper into a tight ball will just about get it in the trash, but when I was doing it, I remember the trash already being rather full of paper towels, so it was a tight squeeze. I finished off by adding some further paper towels on the top, as the diaper really visible in there.

    I tend not to wear on the longer trips anymore. Keeping to distances where I should be good without changes.

    (For the trip mentioned here, I was using the European Attends 10 M Regular Slip diapers)

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    It's not uncommon for a molicare to last me 8-12 hours depending on fluid intake. Any other premium diaper should also see similar preformance, so on a 9 hour flight a single change should be plenty.

    As others have stated, getting the diaper to the restoom might be an issue. Bundling it in a sweater or something could work. In my case I have a jacket with a pouch in the back designed to hold a tablet or camalbak that can hold a diaper prefectly.

    You should be able to just bag it and throw it in the trash. If you use a ziplock, be mindful of the pressure changes (if it pops it might freak some people out).

    Also, assuming you're not completely IC, bring what you need in your carry on and change into the diaper once you're past security. If you must wear through security, try not to do so with a wet diaper. The backscatter scanners will pick up the liquid as an object and get you flagged for a potentially embarassing secondary screening.

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    Thanks Guys! I wear for the feeling of security. I may wake up a bit damp in my training briefs and PUL 1 - 2 x per month but I also enjoy waking up having to go to the bathroom but just falling back to sleep; that usually gets me wet if I fall back to sleep quickly. On the airplane I usually wake up from a nap and have to go after about 4 - 6 hours but hate waking up my fellow travelers next to me to go to the bathroom. This way I can just let go and fall back to sleep without distrubing anyone.

    Good tips on changing after security. I generally put on my PUL underpants and trainging brief in the bathroom by the gate. After about a 4 hour max flight I typically have to go to the bathroom and generally do so to take out most of the discomfort but also just pull up my training briefs and let it absorb the last significant bit. I can travel by car a couple hours with no leaks and then change when I get to my hotel room. I did change in the plane bathroom once as I was running late to the gate and had no time to use the airport bathroom to change. I did not care about the taking off of my jeans and slipping on my training briefs nor my plastic underpants making any noise as I put them on. On the jet I had them in a plastic bag that I just stuck in my coat as I went to the bathroom. The traveller next to me may have wondered about me taking a plastic bag to the bathroom but would he really care? I have tried disposables in the past and the tape does make a distinct sound (especially in the open bathrooms in a closed stall) but if I need the security wouldn't you want your fellow traveller to be well-protected so he / she does not have a wet plane seat that smells a bit sour over a 4 hour trip?

    I will use a zip lock bag and then dispose of the Attends or M4 in the jet bathroom - thanks - good advice!

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