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Thread: found a daddy...and i think this time i got it right.

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    Red face found a daddy...and i think this time i got it right.

    My boyfriend and I were talking about kinks recently and i came clean about wanting to be treated like a toddler/child and he was actually into it! :3 sometimes hes going to treat me like a toddler and do all kinds of fun stuff with me (bathe me, play with me, dress me, etc) and said he'd change my diaper and stuff too! he lets me call him Daddy and he calls me his little boy and his little baby boy and its really great. I had a "daddy" before, who was my ex boyfriend but he really wasnt into it so i didnt have much fun the few times we did it, but now my new daddy is really into it and its great! its also nice that my daddy is older than me this time (he's almost 21 and im 18).
    sometimes he's also going to treat me like an 11 year old and play like that, which i like switching up ages depending on my mood.
    I'm visiting him again the 27th and we're going to have a weekend of kinks and fantasies and i really can't wait. especially since the age-play wont be 100% sexual and will be fun/bonding too.

    sorry about the long post, i'm just excited.

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    Congrats Max! Seriously I know we haven't talked much (I only recently started coming back to adisc more frequently again), but I feel I can honestly say I am glad to see how much more happy and self confident you are now compared to when you joined! Wish you all the best!

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