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Thread: Real Babies?

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    Default Real Babies?

    Sorry if this has already been done...I couldn't find it in a search anywhere.

    This isn't really TB related, but it kind of is, so I put it here. So anyway, of course, we all know that infantilism does not have anything to do with pedophilia, and nothing to do with actual babies or children.

    Still though, I was just does everybody here feel about real babies? Because even though we talk about babyish things like diapers and pacifiers all of the time, we don't really talk about actual babies much at all.

    For me personally, to be honest, I find babies to either be really annoying and...not nasty, but you know what I mean. I also tend to feel REALLY uncomfortable around them. I know this has a lot to do with the fact that I just really am never around babies...I'm tne youngest of my family, and I've never taken care of a baby. In fact, and this may surprise you, but I've never actually held an actual baby in my arms.

    Now, I used to wonder if me being an AB has any effect on this...but after talking to other *B/DL's about it, I don't really think it does. I think part of my dislike of babies stems from me being male (I'm not saying guys don't like babies, but girls really do tend to be a lot more drawn to them than guys), and a lot of it just is me personally.

    Nonetheless, I'm curious to hear how you guys feel about them. Because even though I honestly don't think there's an actual connection between *B/DLism and our feelings towards babies, I can't help but wonder if there's ever a subconcsious jealousy going on there.

    I just find the whole thing really interesting...despite my huge desires to act and be treated like a baby, I honestly just don't like being around them (though I'm sure this will change a lot when/if I have my own).

    Now, in today's society, I know males have a lot more interraction with babies than they used to, so I know that even though most *B/DL's are male, I don't think that will have too much of a major impact on *B/DL feelings towards babies. Like, a generation ago, I'm sure that a large majority of males probably felt very similar to the way I do. But I don't think that's the case now seems a lot more socially acceptable for guys to have a strong connection with babies, and I know quite a few who do.

    Again, I don't think *B/DLism has any affect on how we feel towards babies...I mean, I think some people just like babies, and some don't, and this is true of both *B/DL's and non-*B/DL's. Nonetheless, I still am curious to hear everybody's thoughts on the matter, especially since babyish type things and diapers are at the center of the *B/DL community while actual babies are completely outside of it.

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    You just made my brain implode.
    I hate most babies, yet I'm an infatilist.
    And I'm willing to be a Carer/Babysitter as well.
    Ugh. My brain hurts.

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    I am more of a toddler then a baby. I want to be some what independent but I'll still cling to my parents and still be needed to help with nearly all basic needs asides feeding. Meaning I wouldn't mind being in diapers 24/7 and needing to be changed, having a set bedtime, needing to be given a bath etc. I pretty much just want structure just like ant toddler gets.

    It's not like I was like "oh, I want to be a 6 month old and not be able to do anything for myself."

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    The more I think of it, the more I think I'm apathetic to actual babies. I kind of have no feeling towards them really. Though kids in general, the vast majority of types of kids I tend not to like.

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    I love kids. And I love babysitting. Alota people say that what makes me a great babysitter is that I'm willing to get down to there level and play and connect with them, but at the same time, be the responsible. And of course the kids love me. The two girls I babysit the most call me Miss Liz and always run up to me at church and just about everywhere else I see them. It makes me smile. It's nice to know that someone trusts you enough to take care of what matters most to them

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    Going to a babysitter five days a week for almost twelve years I was around babies a lot. I still feel awkward around them, I even felt that way with my sister. I only got comfortable with one baby. Her name was Olivia and she was so cute. I used to love to hold her and play with her. I stole her pacifier right out of her mouth and felt guilty about it later and was going to give it back to her but my mom found my stash. She is the only baby that I wasn't annoyed by or felt weird with.

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    Hehe, I remember this thread.

    I am personally not fond of babies - younger kids sometimes, if they're cool and funny, but it's not often at all. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to loud banshee shrieks, I can't stand it when a kid is crying/screaming loudly when I'm around. I've worked in retail long enough to put a tolerance to it, but it's a huge pet peeve of mine and I vacate the vicinity of the kid as soon as possible.

    I've got some cousins who are many years younger than I am and I've held them a couple of times when they were babies. Seems like there is a natural aversion on both ends as they soon start crying when they get into my arms. Perhaps they detect my discomfort with the whole situation and it makes them uneasy... or maybe I just smell.

    Funnily enough, even though I don't find the idea of having a child of my own all too appealing, I actually really love playing the carer role when I'm roleplaying infantilism. I guess to me, people just lose whatever it is about their baby-self that annoys me as they grow older.

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    I love being around kids. Like Lizzy said i think it might have something to do with the fact that I don't mind getting right down to their level and playing along with them or doing whatever. I have just recently been exposed greatly to 2 babies and I love caring for them. It's weird how I can see what you are saying and the connection and everything but when I'm around kids its not that I'm jelous of what they get at the time, I might be later on when thinking back on the day or whatever, but I'm not when in the moment. Working with kids is something I have loved to do for years and have babysat for a few summers and love it. Most people are surprised to hear that I love to be around kids because I'm always on the computer and keep to myself a lot, but when I'm around a kid I'm just as rambunctious as they are and it brings out the kid in me. I LOVE IT!

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    As a hospital clown, I spend a lot of time with young children and babies. My clown side of me loves to play with children, carry around babies or do other games with them. A lot of the children I meet are usually in critical condition, burn wards, cancer wards, or some sort of orphanages, so it is very easy to love them as a clown.

    Other times, I'm rather indifferent about them. When a co-worker brings in a young child or baby I somehow always end the one rocking them to sleep or entertaining them so they aren't bored, although no were like my hospital clowning. I have babysat a few kids, but most of them were spoiled rotten. It made for good pay, but I quit because they were so annoying.

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    Babies are small and cute 'n cuddly 'n smell nice (until they poo or puke)!

    There is a reason for's so adults will care for them! That's why, until they reach a somewhat independent age (about the time they become saucy lil brats), adults tend to be drawn to them. Not that a 5 year old can fend for then they are able to do a lot of things for themselves: dress, go potty, bathe, feed themselves, and so on.

    I like babies, especially when they're sleeping.

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