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Thread: How old were you when you started using diapers?

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    Default How old were you when you started using diapers?

    I started when i was 17 but the AB/DL start when i was 14

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOriginalSomeThing View Post
    Well, I think it was the day I was born...

    But if you're referring too when I found out I was a DL? About 5 or 6.

    And of cause wearing since then.
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    I had diaper interests as early as 7 years old, but didn't get to wear again until I was 11. Bought my first adult diapers at 24 and have had a stash available most all of the time since then.


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    bought my first ones when I was 17. it was a pack of Pampers Underjams.

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    its weird but for me i didnt really understand the feelings i was getting till i was 20 and even then i didnt start wearing till i was maybe 21. but i did have urges that i know now where due to wanting to wear. but at the ages of 9-15 i didnt really understand the feelings andd urges i was getting. i alwas felt strange when watching nappy/diaer adverts on tv. i now know it was part of the things that made me realise im a dl/ab

    so to answer the qwestion mybe 19 or 20 is when i first started to understand it

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    Lol couz, I get the same feelings when I walk down the nappy/diaper section in the supermarket. I look at all the patterns and colors and I am thinking, "wow they look great. I wonder how they would look on me".

    Honestly, sometimes I feel like a kid at a candy store.

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    I had desires to be baby again since 5, or may by earlier. My first diapers I got at 12. I was too shy to get them by myself, so I asked my brother.

    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Honestly, sometimes I feel like a kid at a candy store.
    Oh, I know this feeling!

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