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Thread: What's your favourite music?

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    Default What's your favourite music?

    My favourite type of music are dance, electro, house, disco...

    I love the disco's songs, i love the vladivostok radio in GTA IV Gay tony, a really nice music.

    What's your favourite one/s

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    Metal Rock Pop stuff like Disturbed Kamelot Lady Gaga lol

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    What i listen to can be very broad and i like most forms of music though i do despise gangsta rap, and i also have a supreme distaste for like 99% of country. I will listen to almost anything else, but my most favs are Thrash Metal(like Megadeth, Metallica), Metalcore(All That Remains, Killswitch Engage), Trance(Infected Mushroom, 1200 Micrograms), House/Electronica(Daft Punk) and really i cant make a short list, I love music! It'd be easier for me to list my fav groups/bands. I really like Progressive styles across all genres. I'm also very into complex beats, rhythms, arrangements. I'm a big sucker for anything instrumental. I also like slow stuff, like Katatonia and Alice In Chains. I Burn CD-RW's to listen to while on the road at work, i keep 2 one for metal/rock(mainly bands that play instruments), and one for Electronic(computer modulated or based). Currently I have 42GB of music on my computer.

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    I really love punk music, both old school and new school. The Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Blink 182, Huntingtons, Officer Negative. Beyond that, I listen to a lot of Christian based rock/metal, like Skillet, Underoath, Switchfoot, etc.
    Oh, and country music from the 1990's.

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    I like a wide variety of music and will listen to almost everything except for Rap and most of the stuff on Billboards Top 100. Though my favorite would have to be Classic Rock from the 60s and 70s.

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    I LOVE all kinds- I made another thread cause I didn't see this one- UGH- hate it when I am doing three things at once! LOL. Was watching Pawn Stars and I was totally distracted- I LOVE all kinds- I grew up with Christian music/gospel music and Christian kids music such as Psalty and other Christian kid stuff- however I love all music from classical to classic rock as Elvis and Johnny Cash- Country music legends as well, rap and all other kinds of music. Music has a way to soothe the savage beast if you ask me.

    Sometimes I'll listen to the same song repeatedly on my computer as a way to relax and unwind.


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