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Thread: Baby clothes that could pass for adult clothes?

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    Default Baby clothes that could pass for adult clothes?

    ive notices that alot of baby/toddler clothing is looking less childish. but still cute. just wondering if i could get them sized up to my size, do you think they may look a little strange for an adult to wear out in public?
    Buy Ecru Fairisle Pattern Jumper Dress (3mths-6yrs) from the Next UK online shop
    Buy Denim Braces Pinafore (3mths-6yrs) from the Next UK online shop
    Buy Check Dress And Tights Set (3mths-6yrs) from the Next UK online shop

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    Not that I'm into girls stuff particularly but, you can get all these articles in shops already in normal girl sizes. I envy you because being a girl you can pull off alot more than a bloke can. Us blokes are usually forced into fairly conservative colours and what not, people may disagree with me though. You may have to make them slightly cutesy by adding puff sleeves some embroidery or the personal touches that you think it needs but on the whole you should be able to already buy them.

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    Yes, I've seen many items like that in stores and such at the mall...but your in the uk so don't know over there...

    But eBay has plenty of people that will make them for you...etc...

    As for kids clothing...was out today in my Lego star wars was on top that's how I decide what to we're...

    Anyhow, once again got a few "cool shirt" from cashiers, and just people walking by me...

    Not totally childish but close...

    And even with that shirt I stills didn't get carded for drinks...although I was with my gf and her son...

    Damn, I'm just old I guess?


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    there is things like that. but because they are made for women they are often shaped to look more fitted, and the patterns on them are more mature etc. and they dont make me feel little or childlike wearing them.

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    You can get ALL of those things in adult sizes in the UK for pretty much anywhere as long as the season is right. Colours and patterns may vary depending on the current 'fashion'. New look does denim pinnies. Jumper dresses and check skirts are everywhere and brace you can get from vingtage places and accsessorie places like Claire.

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