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    Default Hi I am Candlemaker!

    Hi! I am Candlemaker. I am 26 and female.

    I am mostly a DL. I have tried a few ab things, I would be interested in roll play but of course, no one near me is interested. I don't wear 24/7, about 6/7afternoon/evenings a week and maybe 2 nights per week.

    As far back as I can remember I was attracted to diapers. I was potty trained at an early age and don't have any memory of that age. I also was never a bed wetter. I don't think there is anything wrong with my bladder but I do believe I have a small bladder. My friends and family have always been annoyed about how many times I have to use the bathroom in a day. I have often told my sister.... You think it's annoying to you!? Its more annoying to me! Throughout K-12 and even college I often had to use the restroom during class and teachers would get annoyed. I would get calls home because I had to use the restroom too much. I also urinate multiple times per night which is highly annoying. Even if I restrict beverages! I also have anxiety and whenever I am anxious I get the sensation that I have a full bladder even if I don't! It has been checked out by a couple doctors and nothing is actually physically "wrong". I also see a pain management doctor (a whole different story for another time), and I have to get blood tests every 6 months. My bloodsugar is never an issue. I always thought, wouldn't it be so much easier if I could just wear a diaper!

    In elementary and middle school I remember taking wads of toilet paper and paper towel and putting it in my pants and peeing in it... only in the bathroom of course having a lot of leaks. I tried many ways of making a diaper but it never really worked out. College I lived at home with my parents and got the courage to buy some diapers. I kept them in the trunk of my car hidden under all the other crap in there. I used them when no one was home or a couple times during long exams that I knew leaving the room was not acceptable!

    A couple years ago I moved into my own condo and now I can wear whenever I want (at home).

    I find it puts me into a whole new state of relaxation which is great because it's hard for me to relax as it is, plus I love the feeling! Sometimes when I wear at night I am usually afraid of leaks, even double diapered so it is hard for me to "let go" I also sleep on my stomach so it tends to come out the top leaving a big mess.

    I never poo my diapers only pee.

    I am glad to have found this fourm!

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    Welcome! You'll find that most of the people here are highly supportive and friendly. This is sort of a "safe haven" for a lot of ABs and DLs who are just looking to find themselves.

    What was your major in college?

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    Hi, Candlemaker! It's great to see you here! I feel like we have a lot in common. I've always had lots of almost-leaks, too, and found diapers to be such a relief. I hope you find many good friends and a lot of good information here.

    Now, on to more important things. Do you make candles? What are some of your hobbies and what do you enjoy in life? Very glad you're here, and I hope all goes well for you!


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    Thanks for your responses! My major in college was Human Resources. I'd like to go back to school to become a counselor/psychologist that focuses on pain management. I know that is a long way down the road, but I think that would be something I would enjoy.

    I do like making candles. I just started a couple months ago. It is actually pretty fun! I also like couponing. I don't spend hours and hours on it like people do on the tv show "extreme couponing" but with the help of some websites I find I can get a lot of stuff for free or very discounted. I like getting stuff free (who does not!) and also I have been able to help out a lot of people family, friends and some community members and charities too. I like going to garage sales and thrift stores too. It's like a treasure hunt. I love birds, I don't currently have any pet birds because I am not home enough with work.

    I am the type of person that kind of likes staying home. I hate loud clubs and bars. I can't drink due to meds I am on anyway, and even before that I never was a big drinker. I don't think my body has the same reaction to alcohol that other people have because it never makes me feel good. Even before meds! I enjoy nature especially streams, rivers, lakes. I used to like bike riding and I used to play hockey. I can still ride a bike but not off road like I used to. I have to be very careful. I like spending time with my family especially my mother. I also like frozen yogurt and dairy queen!!!!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

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    I assume you're referring to emotional pain? It's always good that someone invests their time in developing skills toward helping others. You seem to be big on that.

    ...but not off road like I used to. I have to be very careful.
    Did you injure yourself at one point or something? Mountain biking is big here in Appalachia, never picked up on it myself though.

    DQ has really gotten lower in quality since I first had their ice cream...every time I finish a Blizzard I feel all woozy and sluggish.

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    No, physical pain. I have neck/back problems. Had c4-5 fused 2 years ago, now they want to do c5-6 but i'm holding off as long as possible. I also have issues with my thoracic spine t10-11 specifically.

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