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Thread: Shoping Spree!

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    Default Shoping Spree!

    So my list is as follows

    1. Case of M3 80$?
    2. Pack of soft tiles A-Z 50$(the soft foam tiles you see in nurseries)
    3. White Onesie From Baby pants 30$(with shipping I think)
    4. Needed new wipes so I order 5 packs of 72 count pampers baby fresh from walmart :/. They are the ones that are pliable packs so they are easy to pack for travel and smaller to carry. 10$
    5. Also From Walmart I got a new a 40 gallon stainless steel round trash can. 40$
    6. Last but not least I got a Red micro plush blanket the really soft nylon type fabric. I wanted blue but they were out of stock so red was the next best one and then black after that. It is Twin size so it is going to be a rather big blankie. $25

    Still no teddy bear :/

    This has built up over time as I try to buy one luxury item per paycheck. I am thankful that I do not have to live paycheck to paycheck. Hopefully someday I will solve all the worlds problems ;p

    You guys buy anything nice for yourself recently? People who have a bit of money to spend and spend it on themselves tend to be more happier you know? I think i read that on a study posted to reddit one time.

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    The most recent purchase was a diaper pail from Baby’s R Us. I sometimes like to mess my diapers and previously would make a decision based both on my desire and on the next trash day. Now I can mess when I feel like it without worrying about trash day.

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