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Thread: Good to be Back

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    Cool Good to be Back

    Hello everyone! I actually had an account here ages ago (Valkyrie), and I've decided to get back on the forum. So, anything changed in the last two years? I haven't really lol still a geek of all things (any Trekkies out there?), still a canadian hockey nut and still very much in the ABDL closet :/ I guess there are just some things the world dosen't need to know eh?

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    Welcome back. ;-). First, the teens have been banned, as we are now 18+, but still toned down on dirty content. It was because we had no way of protecting them from predators. Now, Moo is worried about stories that involve ABDLs and teens so he is likely to pull the plug on that and role playing.

    Wish I had better news, sorry.

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    Hello Valkyrie0 and welcome back to the group.

    Yes I am a Trekkie, but I did not see the last movie because I think it is sacrilege what they have done to the story line.
    Is not a Canadian "hockey nut" a redundancy?
    I thought most Canadians first pair of shoes where ice skates, and your first gift was a puck and a stick.

    Anyway welcome back.

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    So I noticed, I was listed as a TB when I was last here. I guess it's a reasonable precaution, we get enough bad press as it is, no need to give the public fuel to generate more. And yes, I had a bowl of Luong-Os for breakfast (hockey joke... Heh heh...)

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    You ended your initial post with the Canadian trademark signature:



    I'm a Trekkie too. I know that you know that the original Scotty, James Duhan was actually a Canadian. Lol.

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    Hey Valkyrie and welcome back. It has been awhile. For the most part, we discuss the same things as we did when you were active. There seems to be less drama however, and that's a good thing.

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    Yep! Pilot in the RCAF if memory serves. And let us never forget the Shat...

    Well that's good! I never really got involved in drama, so I wouldn't know, but if its an improvement that's great. One more question, how would I go about getting my old account back? This ones a bit of a temp

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