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Thread: Most horrible thing T.T [drama-queening]

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    Unhappy Most horrible thing T.T [drama-queening]

    I am so broken right now, the gift from my owner from last year was totally destroyed by my dogs! T.T

    Last night I went to bed and had my paci in, I fell asleep quite quickly and
    when I woke up I heard a thud on the floor. I didn't think much of it and had to hurry for school, so I left not thinking about it. Next thing I know in the evening I find my paci completely mutilated by my dog on the floor.

    I am still crying inside, it was my favorite one of the two I had!
    Now I don't post much, because I am not that much of an experienced or
    adventurous babyfur. But I needed to share this to someone right now!
    And my owner and girlfriend are offline right now ;(


    - (crying)Fox

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    Aw. Sorry to hear that. My pet rats did the same thing to me. Hopefully you'll get to talk to your owner soon. I'm sure you'll get a new paci.

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    my dog did that a while back so I'm sorry for you, it sucks DX

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    My dog shredded one of my beloved plushies, Cow. Cow now stays in a closet. I can't bare to throw her out.

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    I also get it. My mom gave me her old car... Now my folks keep their cars pristine, inside and out, mechanically tip-top, all gleaming on the outside too. When she donated it to me, she had all work done it needed, so it would be as valued by me as it was by her. Now I have energy issues and that causes absent-mindedness and low motivation, and sometimes compulsive avoidance. So I failed to keep the oil level seen to, and basically killed the car.

    And I still feel bad about it. It doesn't matter that I couldn't help it, and they don't hold it against me, but that's not the point.You still hold yourself liable for your own negligence, well I do at any rate. You have my sympathies.

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    I lost my pacifier from one of my closest friends around a year ago, because I was moving.

    He assured me that it's just an item and nothing more, and I could just get another one down the line. He said it would only be a tragedy if I, not a pacifier, got hurt.

    :3 I'm sure whoever gave you the pacifier feels the same way. I felt horrible when I lost it, even after he assured me it was fine, but he's right. It's just an easily replaceable item. You'll get a new one, and probably an even better gift from him just to make up for it.

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    This is why my dog is not allowed in my room ever.

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