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Thread: Most durable brand of sneakers/trainers?

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    Default Most durable brand of sneakers/trainers?

    Hi guys-

    I do a lot of outdoor work in gardens and manual work, and I need any recommendations to a very durable brand of sneakers that will not break or have holes in after heavy usage. Can anyone recommend a brand for me, or perhaps tell me their own brand if they work in similar professions? I live in the UK, however the brands are virtually similar to the U.S.


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    I would say Dickeys is going to be your best bet for lots of outdoors work. They have 'work boots' that feel just like tennis shoes, but are much more durable. I also like New Balance. I had a pair of black tennis shoes that were nice enough to wear to work, but comfortable enough to play basketball in. They lasted for several years. They are still in decent shape (in my opinion), but my wife bought me new ones anyway. So now I have two pairs of good shoes (unless you ask her).

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    You definitely want something with leather or suede. For all of my teenage years i wore skate shoes most are pretty tough. my dad does alot of manual labor and he used to always wear vans, i loved vans too, unfortunately some years ago they quit making them in our size, were both US size 13/14. ive had a few good pairs of circa since then. the problem i always get with skate shoes though is after a while of pulling them on and off(im lazy and dont tie laces more than once) eventually the inside of the very back wears out and there's usually some kind of plastic support there that will eat your Achilles tendon. Last fall i got my first pair of non skate shoes in over 10 years, the brand is Merrell. These are some pretty impressive shoes, coincidentally and unknown to me or my dad at the time, my dad ended getting the same shoes within a month of me getting mine. But so they are like a hiking sneaker. They are breathable but waterproof. Rugged yet comfortable. They look pretty good too. Athletic Shoes for Men - Order Merrell Men these are the ones i have, and i love em. Been wearing them nearly everyday for almost a year and they've hardly worn at all. In fact the only real wear they get is from the dog chewing them. they are still comfortable and ill definitely get another pair when i need shoes again. The only thing is, they are pretty expensive, but shoes are expensive anyway its worth it to spend the extra buck and get a good pair that i enjoy and will last more than a year.

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    It's offtopic, but on a side note: To have neat and tidy shoes is very important all the time.

    Used and old sneakers with a glimmer of dust, ground or something else may look funky in a way sometimes, but some people are extremely fussy about the look of your shoes. Especially at some work places and of course also regarding dates as a second note - a lot of people tend to look at the shoes, since it's like a sign if their opposite at that time is in good order and doesn't forget about the nooks. ;)

    Anyway, holes are a no go, mud or similar stuff has to be cleaned. It depends on your workplace & boss though. But if you don't know how he "ticks", I'd be careful. Wrinkles and an unwanted layer can give a sloppy impression.

    ... just sayin', so I'd rather throw them away immediately and get new one's. Regarding the topic... I've got the same dilemma, kind of, since most of my shoes tend to look used after at least 1/2 year and are a complete mess after one year. The brand barely matters, especially all big brands are wasted in my opinion. Those "yeah the new must have shoes" are mostly an extreme case, where they're horribly made. However I tend to walk a lot, since I have no car too, so I guess most are not made for this extensive use. ^_-
    On the other hand, as already mentioned, some well made leather shoes are very durable. So speaking of rather fine or subtle looking one's - but who wants to wear those only, honestly?
    Usually I'm sticking to all kind of chucks, not that pricey one's... Venice has been fine so far, no scratch on those that I wear rarely, the other's 1 year+-... at least better as Lacoste or similar.

    My suggestion would be... nevermind, I've been reading too much into it, it's about what you're doing in your spare time, right?
    In this case I'd stick to the old used shoes, at least that's what I do. No one is seeing you, right? And they get filthy and probably broken after some time anyway.
    Furthermore, if you have the chance that your workplace provides you with "working boots" for a small price, get them more often and use the old one's at home. As far as I know they're comfortable and also durable.

    Good luck anyway on finding the perfect shoe ;)!

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    I love New Balance as they are the only shoes I can wear and be on my feet all day. I don't think they hold up any better than other tennis/running shoes however. I would try hiking boots, or like others have said, something in leather. If New Balance makes hiking boots, that might be the best of both worlds.

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