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Thread: Peed through a diaper

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    Default Peed through a diaper

    It was a good thing I had on plastic pants because when I wet my diaper again, it felt like a big one and I felt it get flooded and absorb into the padding. Then when I decided to feel the outside of my diaper, I felt I had peed through it.

    What causes this to happen? After wetting it maybe a few times, I did one big wetting in it and the pee went through the plastic. I assumed it was a defective diaper. It didn't leak through the plastic before until now. Has it happened to anyone before?

    When I had these organic diapers for my son, he kept peeing through them so I put plastic pants over them to keep his clothes dry.

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    The title implied it was a cloth one. But by the sounds of it - it was a defective one.

    In my opinion, adult diaper manufactures are getting rather lazy. I just brought a pack of Molicare Super Plus and noticed along the wings the cuts weren't clean at all.

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    It was a ABU Sissy one so I think it was defective.

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    What do you mean by cuts? What cuts? And how were they not clean?

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    This is what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    This is what I mean.

    You got a bad batch, it happens. My pack has perfect cuts and have yet to see any defects on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krone6 View Post
    You got a bad batch, it happens. My pack has perfect cuts and have yet to see any defects on them.
    That's probably why I got them so cheap. Still do the job though.

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    In NZ they sell for around $30-50 and I got them for $20 on our trading site.

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    I would have to agree with MrFox, in saying that it was defective. I have been wearing plastic diapers for years and have yet to wet through one.

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    Hi Calico and All.
    I have been experiencing more and more of the 'pin hole' leaks in the last months, even in premium brands. Especially with the European Tena Slip Maxi product (my most used product). After a certain point of saturation, I often find boxers have several wet spots. Jeans usually don't show this wetness, but when wearing some chinos the other day, the wetness even became visible on them, which is never handy when out in town!

    I might just be unlucky ;-)

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