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    We are currently expecting to have our first child in the end of January. If there is anyone here who can relate, I would like some feedback as to how you decided to go about telling your child(ren) about being an AB. Did you wait? Did you leave it undisclosed? Do you plan to ever discuss it with them?

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    Well, I don't have any children. But if I did, I wouldn't tell them. My AB side is non sexual but my DL side sometimes is. There's no reason to discuss a parents' sexual kinks with the offspring.

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    Oh, by the way, congrats

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    Thank you I don't think it is kink, he is just more comfortable in them. He has never used them in a sexual manor

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    I've always kept this side of myself hidden from my children. They see me as their father, provider, and all the socio stereotypes, and I'm content to leave it at that. My infantilism is sexual for me, so there's no reason I would share that side of me with them. Conversely, I'm sure they wouldn't want to know...haha.

    I found ways to express my baby side when they weren't home. I had Friday off, so that's when I'd enjoy my AB/DL side, while they were at school. It may have not been ideal, but it worked for me.

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    Also, I just got to thinking about another view. As my parents child, I wouldn't want to know about my parents being infantilists, assuming they were.

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    my son's 1 and a half, and i plan to be semi open about the fact that i wear (answering any questions he may have, explaining that its on a need to know basis, etc). as for my adult baby side, i dont plan to tell him about that)

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    Kids don't need to know about a discrete private life and what's in it; not at any age

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    Unless your soon to be child ever finds out. Then it's not necessary to bring up.

    Just remember, when raising your child tell him/her it is okay to be open minded and a little outside of the social norm. That way if your son/daughter ever finds out it might lighten the blow a bit.

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    That is something that I keep secret and they have no need to know about it unless it is absolutely necessary. I had to tell my mother-in-law recently and it was just that there is a occasional Incontinence issue and that is all she was told.

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