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    So i have been wearing/interested in diapers since ive been about 12. Ive had a serious girlfriend now going on about 3 years. Up to this point I haven't had told anyone about my little fetish . But with the support I got from reading other peoples posts I decided to finally tell her. I started off by not being able to tell her thinking it was soo weird but I finally told her. Her first question was like do you have diapers? and im like yeah but there at home since im in college right now. I then explained how I only use them for number 1 mostly. I further explained how I felt comfortable and safe in them and explained my feeling towards them. Since she is a kinky girl she didn't think it was totally weird and said she would try them. Turns out we went out that night and got a pack of Goodnites. From there the rest of the night was amazing. I cannot tell you how much closer we are since I told her and she accepts me fully. It made me love her even that much more. She even now likes wearing them by herself even though its only been a few days since her first time. I feel like it will grow on her and she will become even more interested which is great! If any of you are thinking about telling your girlfriend DO IT! If your girlfriend/boyfriend really loves you they will accept you for who you are no matter what

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    Congratulations. I'm glad it is working out for you and your girl.

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    That's great to hear! I'm glad you decided to tell your girlfriend and kudos to her for reacting so positively. I know my boyfriend was a bit nervous telling me, but I am definitely glad he did. It has given us one more way to become closer to each other, and of course its really fun to be able to play together! I hope you two continue to explore and have fun with this. And to anybody else considering telling your SO, I'd tell you to go for it!

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    WOW! That is so awesome, id feel like the luckiest guy on earth if i was in your shoes. I hope it continues down this road for you. Im really jealous, i hope that i end up in a relationship like this one day!

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    Ah! I wish I could pluck up the courage to tell my girlfriend! Been thinking about it a lot but it is a very hard thing to do!

    I told my ex-girlfriend about 3 years into our relationship, and she just said 'oh.. okay'... and that was it. Brushed it up underneath the carpet. Never mentioned it again. We later broke up for other unrelated reasons. But I am glad you got a better outcome.

    But as for 'coming out' to your girlfriend, well done pal! Today the Big Mac meal™ is on me!

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    I told my wife a little after we started dating and she told me she was trying to puck up the courage to tell me she liked them... been married 12 years now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fraidy View Post
    I told my wife a little after we started dating and she told me she was trying to puck up the courage to tell me she liked them... been married 12 years now
    If that's not fate I don't know what is.

    When I first told my gf she had a very bad reaction to it, but I later sent her an email (it was easier to get her to listen to everything that way) how there is a kinky-embarrassing aspect to them that I enjoy and she was able to get that. We haven't done any playing yet, but we will in a few weeks after we get hitched.

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    It's not everybody's thing, but I am glad it worked out for you. And whats more, your wife enjoys them too!

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