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    This is my first post besides my introduction

    I was curious as to whether any of you have that one special friend like I do who knows about you and you tell practically everything to. Some of you may have more... some of you may have none.. you see I used to have none. The way I was raised didn't really make me until the most trusting person and I really am trying to change that, but recently I've rekindled a friendship with a friend of mine. I'm 18, she's 20. We're both fairly young I know. She's the one who even convinced me it was okay for me to accept myself. Anyways I just feel this special bond with her, not like a oh let's get married type of bond. But just a indescribable bond. She's the one who convinced me that maybe it's alright to be me, and she's the reason I even look for fellowship in this site honestly. She's brought me a long ways in a short time. So I was wondering if anybody else knows the bond I'm talking about. And tell me about your experiences with another person like this if you want, I'd love to hear about it.


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    I have a friend almost exactly like that as well! She helped me to accept who I am and I cant thank her enough for it. I know exactly what kind of friend you're talking about and it really is a shame most people don't have friends like that.

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    It really is, I'm very thankful for her and I let her know it everyday. We really have come a long way.

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    I have a couple friends like that actually, that I can tell everything to

    But then I have one best friend that I tell EVERYTHING to lol!!! I am very lucky!

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    Yea, it's wonderful, it makes me feel so much better being able to tell someone stuff...

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    Other than my wife, I do have that one friend. We were lovers all through college, and I can tell him anything. Like my wife, he's my soul partner. He's the only one beside my wife who knows about my "little" side.

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