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    Hey all

    Have been a voyeur for a while of this thread and thought why not join up. I am purely a diaper/nappy lover, for as long as I can remember. About 14 years ago I discovered DPF after doing relevant searches on the net, and ended up purchasing a couple of products for regression. I badly wanted authentic disposables, however at the time that wasn't possible.

    This year after my marriage ended ( not because of the fetish) I started looking again, and found and this forum.

    With this fetish I came to realize years ago I am not alone, and judging by the number of sites out there it is far more widespread than anyone can imagine. I have seen a couple of sites where posters are making some rather unsavoury comments about us: I can't help but wonder if they are feeling the same urges ! Personally, I make no apologies for having this fetish. Have had it all my life and it feels very natural, and it is completely harmless. Have told two of my girlfriends in the past, they thought it was sweet although they would not role play with me! Someone to diaper me...that would be gold.

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    Hello jonknee and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction. However, could you please share a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies or interests?

    Again welcome to the group.

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