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Thread: Any of you tryed the Wellness underwear

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    Default Any of you tryed the Wellness underwear

    I am talkking about the underwear made by the company that sells the wellness nasa diapers? I just ordered a sample. They are supposed to last 8 hours

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    i tryrf them once i thought they were pretty good held alot for me. and they were thick and i loved that.

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    I have tried the briefs I was not a huge fan. Nothing particularly wrong with them just didn't like the feel of the plastic.

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    I've been using the wellness brief for a few years now and wasn't aware they even offered the underwear. I'll stick to the briefs regardless.

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    I was in the process of writing a review for them but my first batch appeared to have a number of pin holes. So far my impression is that they are fairly good however I would never wear them without plastic pants because they sweat/leak when they start to fill up.

    edit: was talking about the briefs

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    The unique wellness briefs (plastic diapers) I've found to have very weak shells. Be careful not to pull the tapes very tight, or they'll rip right off the back, (not good) or tear their way off the front. (possibly quite bad, if you're wet)

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    (The unique wellness briefs (plastic diapers) I've found to have very weak shells.) My self also. We never Buy them again.

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    Was not overly impressed by the briefs but have ordered the underwear; it should arrive any day now...

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    While I have had a few of the diapers tear, I've never had an issue with the tapes releasing or ripping off of the diaper. I have been using these for close to 3 years now, so that is a minuscule percentage that have had an issue. I've found these to be the best brief for the buck. I will admit that the plastic shell is quite thin, and when severely soaked I have noted some coming through the shell but overall these have worked quite well for me. I need an absorbent brief to get me through the night. I almost always need to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours and in many instances much longer. Unless I wind up on my side during the night I rarely have any leakage issues with these.
    The other item regarding the outer shell is that it is by far the best "feeling" brief shell I've encountered even if it tends to not be super strong. These are the most absorbent brief I've ever used that doesn't wind up getting so heavy that they literally fall off of your waist/hips when you stand and they are wet. I will readily admit that the leg gatherers could be taller, but other than that I can't complain too much.
    I am in the process of sampling numerous other night time briefs but have yet to come across anything better, when economics are factored in as I am on a fixed income. I just tried the Abena Air Active brief and the odor control was terrible. I have others on the way, so I'll have to see what happens.

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    These used to be my go to diapers during the day when I was doing a 24/7 period. Unfortunately they no longer have quality plastic, almost every diaper has pin holes in them, so they barely hold more than a depends before leaking. The lower quality plastic is a way lot more noisy too. I found them to be almost as good as an M3 Abena before they decided to go low quality, its probably why they keep discounting them by 20 dollars or more every other week.

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