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Thread: Wife made it!!!!!!

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    Default Wife made it!!!!!!

    I am happy to announce that my wife has joined us and will be introducing herself as soon as they approve her account

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    Cool stuff. Is your wife AB/DL??? Or just a run of the mill everyday person who takes an interest in "our kind"?

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    she is a non AB/DL, but i took your advice and talked to her about joining so she could get a better understanding about us and she agreed. thank you so much FantasticMrFox, you were very helpful

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    right on, i find this very cool, and hopefully it will work out better for both of you. who knows maybe she will even develop an interest herself, in time.

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    yes, i think this will really help her understand it more, and she has already said that she may try it for me just to see what it is like. i told her she didn't have to if she din't want to, but she really seems interested with it, so maybe she will one day be one of us

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    now that's really cool, i've had both of the guys i've been with in diapers at least once during our relationships, neither seemed very interested in it. My current bf said he had no issue with it and would wear anytime i wanted him to except out in public, he hasn't worn again though and i'm not gonna ask him to. If he does it again hes gonna have to want to do it and then do it, but i don't think this is gonna happen, at least no time soon.

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    same here, i am not going to press the issue, just her joining the sight is enough to make me happy, anything after that i can live with knowing she gave it a fair shot

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    wooooo hoooooo they approved my wifes account i am going to see if she is ready to introduce herself to everyone right after we get back from checking the mail lol

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    Most don't know this about me, but when I was a pre-teen I had to wear diapers for a few months. They are very comfy and I see why BabyMike likes them. I definitely wouldn't be against wearing them with him in the future.

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