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Thread: Things that get your little side kinked at work?

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    Default Things that get your little side kinked at work?

    Ok, so I was at work earlier today ( I have a lawn business ) ,what I did was I climbed up a ladder over 15 feet on to the top of a shed and spray painted a rooster sign with north, south , east and west and the arrows connected to it. Anyway after I was done I asked about the attic of the two story shed and he said I could pull the ladder done, I did. The room above was filled with kids stuff like a table with coloring books on it a carpet mat with roads and buildings on it for hot wheels cars, etc. I was hesitant to get done, but thought " I better should " after I got done I explained what I saw up there and said I thought there was just cobwebs up there. I don't know if my customer hinted that I liked it or not. Still jealous though! >< Has anybody here have something at work that you had to refrain yourself from being little at work ?

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    i myself never really have but i do have days where i feel i need to regress cause i get so worked up. other than that some nothing really. if it were me in your shoes i would be like omg i never want to leave.

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    Years ago I was doing repairs on an apartment that was between tenants. Going through a chest of drawers that was left behind I found an old rubber sheet. It smelled so good!

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    My wife puts little notes in my lunch bag. It's a small foldable card with a stick on picture of a cute "little" animal. She writes a little poem, and today's had a line about me being her "little baby". For the rest of the day I had to fight being in "baby mood".

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    Well, I work in a pizza restaurant, and I deliver the food, so I see things all the time that tweak my little side. Not in a sexual way, of course.

    If I deliver to a birthday party and there's a moon bounce... I'm jealous.

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    i dont really have much of a little side and im not AB at all, but naturally being DL anytime im around a diaper its the first thing that catches my eye, and i have to keep it from being the center of my attention. I deliver pizza too and i see kids in diapers all the time, when i do i'm often a bit jealous of them. (Its not about the kids its just the diapers) I have to stay focused on the customer though and the transaction as well as working for that tip. One time i delivered to a house and they use the door in the garage as their main entrance, as i walked up to the door i saw 2 packs of depends with refastenable tapes sitting on a table next to the door amongst other things. i probably stared at them for 10 seconds before i finally knocked on the door. it was a woman in her 30's that answered which had me thinking about the connection there, but of course i didn't ask. whenever i delivered there a week or two later they were gone, which raised more questions. Another thing is if i deliver somewhere and they open the door and the house smells like pee(its such a distinct unmistakable smell isn't it), i often wonder if the person might be incontinent or have a pee or diaper fetish, as opposed to probably far more common bedwetting child.

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    when i was working on my last job, it was right before i came out and told my wife about my little side, i was building a new store and we were almost finished and the grand opening of the store was a couple of days away. when they started filling the store up with products they had all kind of neat toys and a whole wall of jelly beans and so much other candy and even had a daycare section for the parents and they had the cutest diapers there, it was really hard not to feel like a little then and i just wanted to play and eat candy all day in a diaper, which is about the time my urges came back.i hadn't been a little for a while then, so it was strong. hardest day at work ever.

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    Well I am a painter by hobby, not an overly good one but.. I painted a few day-cares and private homes with cartoon murals in the past. It didnt truly spark up my Little side, but left me a tad jealous and in a great mood when they were done. Painting such cuteness for other kids.

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    Well, I haven't had a J.O.B for quite some time now (yeah I'm a useless cunt) but anything that looks like fun gets to me a bit.

    Like this last job I had I was working at a print factory - and all I wanted to do is play with all the paper and make paper aeroplanes and stuff.

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    I used to work in the toy department at the local walmart. It was hard since a lot of the stuff we sold, I was familiar with, (and sometimes even had in my own toy collection at home) though I had to know enough about the item to provide excellent customer service, but not look like I still played with it myself.

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