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Thread: Jelousy and Being an ABDL

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    I have a girlfriend who has a child. I am not irritated by this in fact I love her boy alot he makes me smile and keeps me on my toes. But being an ABDL has made me never want to be involved with children or be a father to my own blood. I am excepting this child into my heart and sometimes have to push my ABDL side to the backburner in order to keep a normal household and a normal life. Is jelousy of this child's lifestyle normal? I have had this happen on many ocassions and don't really know how to deal with it. I can take care of him with my girlfriends help but I want that on a regular basis as well...

    Any ABs with kids out there?
    any ABDL boyfriends who have kids in their life?
    I feel so weird with this jealousy..

    I love this boy and I don't really like my lifestyle getting in the way much

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    My mind always separated my kids when they were little, wearing diapers and drinking from bottles, with my own babyish desires. I think you would be surprised, but biology kicks in. Don't rule out having kids of your own just because you like diapers. Our own little ones are in a different universe from our baby selves.

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    im a single dad to my 4 year old daughter. I dont get jealous. I find it amazing that im raising a child and watching her go through the milestones. i also find it amazing i can parent my daughter, alone, given the fact my child hood was horrible in foster care. I had my opportunity to be a little kid and go through the milestones and while some days i wish i could be a baby again because i missed so much, i have accepted my adult hood and fully enjoy the blessing of raising a child and hope for more. im happy for my daughter and not jealous the least bit. This is just me though.

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    but i can understand the jealousy. your needs arent being assuming. Is your GF aware of your desires?

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