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Thread: wearing diapers wile studying

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    Default wearing diapers wile studying

    So I'm currently studying logic and wearing my Dependico AIO diaper. Who else that may be going to college studies wile diapered?

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    I started wearing about a week ago, and have been wearing them to bed ever since. Tomorrow I have a four-page paper due, so I'm thinking of diapering up after dinner and do the rest of it that night. I think it actually really comfortable not to be holding it in while studying or working. Or did you mean being in college and wearing in general?

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    I think it would be nice to be able to pad up while studying, but i live with my parents and there's no chance for that to happen.

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    I sure wish I could wear some while I study and stuff, probably would take the edge off and reduce some. I might someday

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    used to do this I. highschool all the time and I'd even wear during, made things less stressful, I'd say it helps with tests but I love tests(I know I'm weird) so that doesn't apply for me

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    As far as now I have never worn while studying, but I plan on wearing to classes once my classes start back up next week. Since I'm going to be wearing during the day while on campus, I will most likely be wearing while studying. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing more often and not having to worry about where a bathroom is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andsmith2016 View Post
    I think it would be nice to be able to pad up while studying, but i live with my parents and there's no chance for that to happen.
    I live with my mom. So far she hasn't found out.

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    my parents never really found out either. i never wore in college, i wasn't brave or rich enough to go out and get any. In my opinion wearing while studying or taking a test would be a little bit distracting, but i never have tried it and therefore have no experience to back that statement up, also i don't wear all the time and when i was younger it was even less often, so when i do wear it is like something special and usually im pretty conscious about it.

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    I've been padded a few times while studying. It tends to be a distraction for me as I focus more on the comfort and the diaper, but that doesn't stop me from doing it time from time. =)

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    I partake in home study, as I am studying the Swedish language for business purposes. If I am studying my online course at home, I need to sit down for sometimes hours at a time. My diaper helps me out big time in this case, as I do not have to go to the toilet. It is also worth noting that my brain and mind are more relaxed while diapered, so I find myself more concentrated in my work.

    Jag studerar svenska med min blöja!

    __________________________________________________ __________

    Fun tip of the day: Diaper in Swedish is 'blöja'. This is pronounced 'blur-ya'.

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