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    Smile New to the community

    Hey all.
    I Have been a member here for a few months, but other than just signing up, I haven't done anything with this site. I honestly forgot I even had an account here lol. So I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Drew and i'm from the not so great state of Ohio =P i'm a 23 year old straight male, and I've been a DL since I can remember.
    I have only recently decided to try to get involved with the community. I've never shared this part of my life with anyone, nor have I ever talked to anyone else that is into the AB/DL scene. Partly because I have always been embarrassed about my fetish and partly because I never really knew what to say.
    I've known for a while that I wasn't the only person out there that's into this, but I always assumed it was extremely rare and the odds of ever meeting someone else like me was unlikely or unrealistic. but lately I have explored some of the social networking sites geared towards AB/DLs and I have realized that there is actually a pretty big community out there. I feel like its finally time that I try to get connected with this community, and try to meet others like myself.
    Anyway, that's a little bit about me. Hope to hear from some people and get to know some folks. peace.

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    Hi, Drew, I am Michael - aka, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Most of us here have been DL's since as far back as we can remember; and honestly, a lot of us have just stopped trying to figure out why and just accept it as being a part of who we are. So nothing to be ashamed of amongst others in the community

    Since Adisc isn't a place for meeting others per-say, you will hear stories of others meeting through the Adisc network.

    Do you have any hobbies/interests?

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    Hi Drew bob, and welcome from another Ohioan. Just curious, what is it you don't like about Ohio? (not that I'm crazy about the state either) I think if I could choose, I would pick a state with either mountains or the ocean. And speaking of your interest on this site, does your living arrangement allow you to wear diapers often or rarely? What type do You like to wear? Tell us a little more about yourself.


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    Hi Drew, have fun in these community, you can make a lot things and don't forget make friends

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