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    Hello everyone, I've been in the registry for quite some time but I recently decided to just accept myself instead of continuing to do everything I knew to do to purge. I'm an artist and an athlete and I'm currently enrolled in college to get my Bachelor's in Business Management before going to Law School for Corporate Law. (Yea yea, I know, I'm horrible) Right now I'm pretty new to all of this, I don't really even talk to anyone about this besides one person. I actually don't even wear, I'm still in the process of trying to accept myself. Unfortunately it's been rather annoying because I hold myself to almost impossible standards. (Not my words) Anyways, feel free to message me, I love to discuss art, sports, anything interesting. Hopefully I'll have a friend in at least a few of the nice people on here.

    Thanks for the read.
    Bales (A rather tacky name, but it works)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I'm 18. I can't believe I somehow failed to mention that. The things I currently do for fun are general sports, video games, and art. Although I'm seriously debating picking up longboarding... seriously considering it... and snowboarding definitely needs to be added to the list.

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    So what sorts of videogames do you play? I play mostly old stuff: NES, 16-bit era, that sort of thing.

    Again, welcome!

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    I actually play mostly xbox games, call of duty, so on, the general nonsense...
    I'm not sure how much longer I'll be playing video games though, they are getting boring nowadays and ironically i'm trying to grow up... in some aspects
    do you play anything like that?

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    Welcome Bales. You seem to have what you wish to do with your life career wise in order, and I congratulate you on that. A lot of people go into this stage of their lives with no direction, and that is a major handicap to most.
    What sports are you into? I was very big into wrestling, lifting & football. I also ran track & cross country to stay in shape year round. I was in the ARMY and still coach wrestling and football, though I am no longer able to physically demonstrate very much due to multiple limitations.
    One piece of advise I give frequently to my kids and kids I coach are to believe in yourself, regardless. If you don't believe in you why should anyone else do so? I felt guilty for years about this desire we have but gave up trying to figure out why I had it. Life is a lot easier to live when you're not beating yourself up over something as irrelevant as this.
    Other "sports" I enjoy are NASCAR, billiards (straight pool only) and Bass Fishing. I am not much into video games, but do miss Railroad tycoon for the PC. Have a nice day.

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    Currently I only have the pleasures of archery and fencing.. I used to play soccer, basketball, and golf. Thanks, I've always wanted to be a lawyer.. I've never had trouble with that decision. Unfortunately I know all too well the beating myself up thing. I remember my way of purging was to train until I would puke... Rather brutal.. But for a while it worked, but then I just couldn't hate myself as much as I used to. I was trying everything, nothing just ever made it go away so I have to work on accepting myself. Don't get me wrong i still largely hate myself for it, but progress is nothing if that which you wish to achieve isn't hard to achieve... I appreciate the advice, and that's awesome, I never played for my high school team but I had a close relationship with my school's football coach, we had an awesome school-bound friendship while it lasted. I actually do play pool but rarely.. I hope you enjoy your day or night, whichever it is for you, it's night here.

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    I remember my way of purging was to train until I would puke... Rather brutal..
    I hope you enjoy your day or night, whichever it is for you, it's night here.[/QUOTE]

    You bring back a lot of memories with the train until I puke line....that was a BIG thing for me. I was far from the most talented, especially in wrestling, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would outwork me. Since I was 12 or so I ran 3 to 5 miles every night, most of the time in garbage bags. During my freshman year in high school I weighed 162 and wrestled 167 st the time, but I wasn't the starter for the Varsity team. 13 days before the district tournament began, our 145 lb'er got hurt, and suddenly a fabulous team had a massive hole in the line-up. I went from 162 to 145 in 11 days, and though I didn't win the tourney I did place and our team won the only district title in the school's history. We won by 2 points, I won 3 matches before losing out and taking 4th place....3 points per win. By the time I was a senior I lived in garbage bags to make 189, and a year later coming out of boot camp (ARMY) I weighed 212. I stayed "full tilt", especially with the weights until I became violently sick in 2003. I bulked up my 5'7" frame to 232 and benched 405 lbs, 100% drug free, just loads of long nights and tons of training. I continued to run as well until I got sick.
    I live in NE Pennsylvania.

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    Must be a PA thing, born in Pittsburgh here, I spent a little time in Lansdowne before I moved down here to North Carolina. Yea, I always ran until I threw up to get the thought out of my head. But clearly, we see where that has gotten us. Quite the impressive dedication to your working out and sports you have there.

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    That's in the past for me. A little over 10 years ago I became violently ill and have an auto-immune disease. That put a sudden stop to my love of physical things. For a long time I was a miserable mess, praying to die every day. Thankfully I already had my 2 sons, and them, along with my family and staying involved in coaching sports has given me a reason to exist again and a way to be relatively happy. I was picked on a lot until I was 12 or 13.... found out what being stronger/faster and in shape was a huge advantage. The area I grew up in had fist fights every day, and I got quite good in the point where I really didn't have to worry about anyone in their right mind trying me on for size. Aside from that I always enjoyed sports and being in shape. I got carried away with to the point where all of my clothes had to be custom tailored, and I'd be lucky to get a year out of them before they no longer fit. Prior to getting sick I had my neck up to 22.5" and my chest was 56" on a 36" waist. My wife was fed up with it as she said I looked deformed. Oh well, those days are gone, but I have my kids headed in the same direction. My oldest is 15 and is already bench pressing 265. He is 5' 10.5" @ 194. He runs, lifts, plays football, wrestles and runs track. He took my poor dog on a 9 mile run this summer and couldn't understand why she was damn near dying on the last mile. My youngest is 12, and he is really big for his age. He is 5'11" and wears a size 15 shoe. He wants to lift, but I will not allow that until he is 13. He too wrestles, plays football and hockey, but hockey is more a hobby as I can't afford everything associated with that. Now the main way I stay involved is coaching (aside from my kids)... I've been a youth football coach for 14 years and a wrestling coach for almost as long.

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    Right, hockey is quite the sport.. I used to watch the penguins with my dad. Coaching seems like it has its' rewards... I'm really meaning to educate myself more about myself as far as this goes but I haven't had the time.. I keep busy with whatever... What autoimmune disease do you have, they seem to be abruptly common nowadays, no surprise with all the gmos and lord knows what else...

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