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Thread: Chilly enough to break out the footies!

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    Default Chilly enough to break out the footies!

    I'm so excited there's enough of a chill in the air enough so I can wear my hello kitty footy pjs <3 The windows open curled up with my giant puppy George happy night.

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    footed pjs are great. i got some duckie ones i love. right now here even with my ducie footed pjs its still really cold here.

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    I love footie pjs! I can't wait for autumn and winter to roll around so I can wear my Eeyore pjs frequently.

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    yeah footie pjs im super excited got a new pair on the way. now it just needs to get cold. ok so side question what is your favorite thing to do in your footie pjs?

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    I'm in my footies that I slept in last night in air conditioning. I use mine off and on during the summer.

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    sadly I no longer have my Leopard footie pajamas. I sacrificed them as a template for my fursuit. hoping to maybe get some for xmas.....

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    It's still warm here in central Virginia. I have been wearing my Donald Duck onsie, however.

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