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    Question Baby and ab/dl parent

    When I started on another site I found that I enjoy having a baby girl wanting me. And no not for anything naughty, but wanting me for my love and attention. I still have that baby side needing the same of love and attention. I was wondering how rare is it to be both a daddy/mommy and a baby.

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    Well, for me I seem to have both sides of the coin too. I do enjoy being babied, but I also love taking care of my girlfriend and holding and babying her.

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    I think maybe it's because we know how good we feel when we are taken care of and want to be the source of that same joy for someone else. After all, as the saying goes, there's no greater gift than giving itself (annotation: except for an awesome mystery machine wagon filled with pokemon!)

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    I'm not a caretaker, just a little. I'm just not able to offer the Mommy role very well. I'm trying really hard to learn for my fiance, though. It's a hard but rewarding road. :3

    On the flipside, in the D/s subset of my relationship, I'm the dominant. Maybe that's why I'm SO little; it's where I give up the control I keep elsewhere.

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    I enjoy being both. My boyfriend and I tried switching weeks where one of us would be in control and in more of a daddy/mommy role and the next week the other person would. We recently decided to try more of a full-time dom/sub-little/parent type of relationship where I am the little and he's in the caretaker role, but that hasn't changed my desire to baby him once in a while. I love both sides and I'm glad he does too.

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