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    Default purge??

    i keep hearing about a purge system, does this happen to all of us, or does it only happen to some of us? and what is it?

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    The binge and purge cycle happens usually to ABs who can not accept and love that part of themselves. Generally, this is most ABs at least in the early stages. They wish they had more normal interests and wish they didn't have this secret part of themselves so they suddenly throw away all their baby stuff and try to quit. Then later when they realize they can't stop the desires, they buy all their things again. This can happen several times, in a cycle, buying and throwing away, buying and throwing away, until hopefully at some point the AB accepts him/herself and then keeps their collection around and stops trying to quit. The key is acceptance, and from that normally you go into a more moderated amount of time where you do AB activities and moderated spending on AB paraphernalia.

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    ah ok, thank you frogsy, you have been very helpful

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    "Purge System" you say?

    No, its not real. Its a fictional movie.

    But really it all depends on how you handle being a AB/DL and cope with it.

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    im not into ab stuff but so for me its more or less a cycle of interest or desire for wearing. Sometimes i will go a month without wearing even once, and then sometimes i will wear 3 or more in a week. when i was younger the cycles would be longer though this was probably more or less related to the availability and the difficulty of obtaining products. i don't ever throw my stash away because that would just be a huge waste of time and money.

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    Sometimes I'm saturated by my AB and we both take a rest. Later we return together.

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    It comes and goes. Right now I'm in a purge and barely touched my pacifier in weeks even though my mouth longs for it. And also why I don't come onto here more often than I have a few weeks ago. I just need some time to think of adult stuff and learn the ways of the world. So I'm on a purge right now.

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    I hate going through the binge and purge, but i normally get the insatiable urging and i suddenly go through half a pack of diapers in a week. Then all of a sudden i stop and go like a month or more without even thinking about them.

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    Yup... It sucks. Went through the same thing myself. Threw away about 100 diapers, because I felt bad... Granted they were goodnites and I got 'em for like 10 dollars but still.

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    so since i have accepted who i am and am quite happy this way and my wife supports it too, i should be ok then

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